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Brazzers PEACH: A Vision

Are you tired of watching porn on a regular smartphone? We, at Brazzers, know how important ‘fap time’ is, so we’ve been using our dirty imaginations and dreaming about the ideal smartphone. Lay back, assume the position and enjoy ‘The Brazzers Peach’, a look into a porn-optimized fantasy smartphone: It’s what creams are made of.

Breathe easy, and heavily when it counts, knowing that your private porn library would be protected with personalized Dickprint/Titprint Technology.
Masturbation Mode would help you indulge in uninterrupted porn-viewing sessions.
The Stylus Pleasure Ring For Him, with its vibrating, bendable technology, would be able to measure penile blood flow and maximize that toe-curling O.
XXXPS Alert would be an app that lets you know when you’re in the ‘Self-Pleasure Zone’.
The Stylus Pleasure Ring For Her’s vibrating technology would help you finish ‘me time’ in double time.
The Splash-Resistant Screen would be able to handle any and all fluids.
ZZ, the Personal Voice-Activated Porn Assistant, would be able to suggest new porn stars, scenes and categories based on your favorite scenes.
The Holo-Porn Mobile Projector would help you rotate the scene to find the perfect angle for your maximum viewing pleasure.
Disclaimer: The Brazzers Peach is a parody concept of a smartphone, and does not constitute a real product for sale. The Brazzers Peach is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by, any telecommunications company. The Brazzers Peach will not be coming, though you might. Check out scenes on your mobile device on Brazzers dot com!
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