Welcome FAKEhub Originals: From ‘Fake Taxis’ To Scripted Scenes

It’s a different kind of ‘fake’.

Do you like FakeTaxi, FakeCop and FakeHospital scenes? Then you’ll be glad to know the brand behind it all has decided to create FAKEhub Originals.

We talked to the creators of these original series’ to get a better idea of what exactly they’re going to be offering – and some of this stuff is genuinely hilarious. Check out the trailer here:

Entering the world of plot-based adult entertainment

FAKEhub seems to be entering the ‘porn with a plot’ sphere with some pretty humorous scenes lined up. Of course, the skits revolve around some sort of profession, which taps into their bread and butter – bosses, electricians, and masseuses.

FAKEhub Originals (Fake Masseuse)

The first scene released is entitled Fake Masseuse, and has a pretty intriguing premise:

Czech hockey legend Pavel Velocz (Martin Gun) suffers an injury and needs to follow a strict recovery routine if he is ever to lead his country to victory again. Part of the regimen is regular massage from a therapist. Hoping to remain inconspicuous, Pavel makes an appointment at an exclusive spa under the name John. The receptionist, Chrissy Fox, isn’t fooled by the pseudonym: this legend happens to be her dream guy! Seething with jealousy as the therapist takes Pavel to the table, Chrissy sneaks up behind the redhead and makes sure she won’t be giving any massages that day. She might not know how to heal muscles, but she does know how to massage a big d**k. When Pavel finally notices who it is that is [massaging his member], he isn’t about to complain.

Straight from the poet’s pen. The scene is accompanied by two equally comical scenes, aptly titled Fake Handyman and Fake Boss. 

Our shockingly-deep interview 😉

Having seen the trailer, we couldn’t stop laughing our asses off, so we reached out for more info, and the creative minds behind the new project from FAKEhub, JT and Lew Thomas were able to satisfy our curiosity.

What makes FAKEhub Originals different from the other porn sites that offer porn scenes with stories/skits on the market?

Originality and humor is central to FAKEhub Originals, comedy was a key factor in the last site we launched (Fake Driving School) so we’re building on the success of that and also entirely changing the shooting style we’re used to seeing in other FAKEhub brands, there certainly isn’t anything else like this on FAKEhub. Sex and laughter seems to be a fun combination that people enjoy. Also the concept is open so it gives room to explore and respond to popular demand, unlike many sites that firmly attach themselves to a niche (milf, lesbian, teens…etc). What we’d like to do in future is have engagement with our FAKEhub members so they can vote for their favorite episodes, and we can make sequels or turn one episode into a mini-series, and to also have people submit their own ideas and the chosen ones can be filmed.

How easy was it to make the shift from fake scenes to scripted scenes?
It wasn’t a problem because our production team creates content for both FAKEhub and SEXYhub, where scenes are scripted and produced with proper lighting set-ups and professional camerawork. We create a very diverse range of content across all our sites and brands, so whereas SEXYhub is more sensual, intimate and carefully crafted, FAKEhub leans towards a more impromptu amateur/reality approach, with hidden cameras, gonzo style point-of-view, improvisation, it’s cheeky, naughty fun with hardcore sex, so in a way FAKEhub Originals is an amalgamation of both FAKEhub and SEXYhub styles. Our crew is made up of very experienced people who have been working behind the scenes and shooting adult content for almost 20 years and also younger guys and girls who bring fresh new and contemporary ideas to the table, we work in a very collaborative way and there has been a real buzz among the team and the models we work with on this new FAKEhub project.

Why did FAKEhub make this new ‘Originals’ content decision?

We have an infinite amount of ideas for new content and especially mega popular “fake” concepts, but can’t open a new site for every great idea, so FAKEhub Originals becomes a testing ground for new concepts and gives people content they crave for in multiple fantasy niches. Fake Taxi and our other sites in this genre are sometimes referred to as “the original fakers” since they pretty much popularized this concept, so the name FAKEhub Originals came naturally. We also wanted to introduce something new and unique for the members of FAKEhub, the members knows what to expect each day of the week on FAKEhub – there’s a new Fake Hospital scene every Wednesday for example, every Friday there’s a new Public Agent scene, but with FAKEhub Originals it’s something completely different every Saturday and we want people to enjoy the excitement and anticipation of what’s coming next as the weekend approaches.

What can we expect from these FAKEhub Originals? Can you give us a teaser for any interesting projects coming up?

We don’t want to give too much away! But over the next couple of months we’re planning to be outdoors, on water, in the moonlight, at a club, backstage at a concert, and so much more. We have a lot of amazing models coming to work with us on new episodes too, including some brand new girls, so we’re very excited indeed.

If you’re looking forward to checking out these scenes, you can catch them on FAKEhub.

Written by TRENDZZ

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