Is Your Social Media Feed Turning Women Off?

Women may be fleeing from your social media feed like vampires from garlic – and that sucks (pun intended).

Sure, you might consider yourself funny and charming, but women might be fleeing from your social media feed like vampires from garlic – and that sucks (pun intended). Without knowing it, your posts could be sending women running for the hills. If you’re wondering why women don’t seem to warm up to you online, check your feed and find out if you’re making any of these social media blunders.

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Shirtless Selfies

Maybe you’re proud of the progress of your six-pack abs. Or, you want to show off your chest gains. Either way, you may want to cool it with the shirtless selfies. Shirtless selfies make you look like a shallow douchebag. It also comes off as immature (you know, excessive bragging). Unfortunately, standing in a mirror with your shirt off, flexing, isn’t a shining sign of maturity for most women. Besides coming off as shallow and immature, shirtless selfies – especially shirtless mirror selfies – are corny. Do yourself a favor, if you want to attract more women on social media, ditch the shirtless selfies altogether and let them be surprised when they discover that mountainous range of abs.

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Crude or Sexist Memes

Before you retweet one of those “Girls Be Like…” memes, stop and think about what the women cruising your timeline will think. Posting, or retweeting crude memes about women isn’t the best way to attract chicks. All it does is turn women off from you and your timeline. Sexist memes are just as much of a turn off. Think twice before you post that meme that says “They say a woman’s work is never done. Maybe that’s why they get paid less.” It may seem like it’s all in good fun, but to the women who view your timeline you’re going to come off as a misogynistic pig. Just saying.

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Hitting Up Every Chick

If all you use your social media for is to hit up every chick possible, you’re definitely turning women off of your feed. When women check out your feed and see post after post of “hey cutie” and “let’s hang out” directed toward girl after girl (especially when you try to not-so-subtly flirt with them using emojis on their pictures) you can bet you’re going to be an automatic “no” for them. When girls check out your social media feed, they want to see what you’re about and get a glimpse of your personality. They don’t want to see that you’re just creeping profiles, trying to get laid.

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Drunk Party Photos

So you like to go out, don’t we all? That doesn’t mean you should post that pic of yourself drunk and peeing on the sidewalk, or you and your buddies throwing up in an alley. Save your drunk party pics to laugh at over dinner with your friends. Posting photos of your drunk antics will definitely turn women off. You may think your pics are funny, harmless fun, but when girls check out your timeline they see it as immature and they may immediately count you out.

Written by Nikki Benz

Life lesson provider, Pomeranian lover, and Adult Industry specialist. Don of the #BenzMafia.