Six Types Of People You Need To Unfollow On Twitter Right Now

‘The Hoax Spreader’ is probably the worst…

We all know that Twitter is a great platform to express yourself, share your favorite online content, and place to stay connected to friends and news. However, certain types of Twitter users can significantly degrade your social media experience and leave you feeling negative. When you spot these types of people, it’s best to unfollow them. Otherwise, they’ll drag your Twitter experience down like an anchor. Here are six types of Twitter users to kick to the curb immediately.

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The Complainer

You know my motto, “complaint is poverty; gratitude is riches.” That’s why it’s crucial to unfollow the chronic complainer. You know the person who only Tweets to complain about how the world is horrible and every person alive is out for themselves. They complain about their job, the traffic, their love life, family, or just having to breathe air. Complainers leak negative energy into your feed and can pollute your mood.

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The Self-Loather

You log into Twitter and here we go again, your self-loathing friend is whining about how she looks fat in every dress that she owns. Self-loathers rank amongst the worst people to follow on Twitter. They constantly post pity Tweets in order to garner attention, comfort and reassurance from their peers. Derail their pity train by unfollowing them and cleanse your feed of their melodramatic pity Tweets.

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The Soapbox Standers

Some people seem to thrive on standing on their soapbox, spewing their views and behaving as if their way is the right way. You know, the “I would never have sex on a first date, it’s immoral and unjust” posts. By standing on their soapbox, they’re declaring themselves better than others and putting others down who fail to share the same beliefs as them. It alienates people and breeds negativity. If you have a soapbox-type person on your Twitter feed, get rid of them fast.

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The Hoax Spreaders

These idiots are supremely annoying. They don’t take the time to check the legitimacy of stories and end up posting links to fake news stories along with their outraged commentary. How many times have you clicked on links in your feed like “Justin Bieber hit by a car!” only to find that it was a stupid fake news story that your friend posted unknowingly. There’s nothing more annoying on Twitter than when people spread fake news stories, without realizing they’re fake.

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The Braggart

These people boast about achievements, possessions, accomplishments, you name it. The moment they purchase a new pair of shoes they’re throwing up a photo with a caption like “Limited edition Christian Louboutin’s because I deserve it!” Braggarts are a different kind of poison on Twitter. Their bragging makes others feel bad that their life doesn’t measure up to the “awesomeness” of the braggart. They’re usually just compensating for unhappiness elsewhere in their life. Cut them loose if they’re poisoning your feed.

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Crowdfunding Abusers

Don’t get me wrong, crowdfunding platforms are a great way to raise money for worthy causes, exciting new projects, art, and more. But when your friend was posting pics of an exotic vacation last month and then this month creates a Go Fund Me page to help pay the vet bill for her dog, it’s only reasonable to be annoyed. Some people create Go Fund Me pages for any little personal problem that comes up and expects everyone to pitch in. Sorry to burst their bubble, but, crowdfunding isn’t some “get out of the responsibilities of adulthood” free card to be played at every whim.

Which of these types of people have you experienced the most?

Written by Nikki Benz

Life lesson provider, Pomeranian lover, and Adult Industry specialist. Don of the #BenzMafia.