Why ‘Revenge Sex’ Is Never A Good Idea

When you weigh the pros and cons – it’s mostly cons.
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Sure, the idea of revenge sex may sound fun, appealing, and an easy way to “put one over” the object of your dismay. But don’t kid yourselves. Things like this don’t typically end well or in the “fun” way that we may imagine.

Ask yourself “what are am I hoping to accomplish?” by engaging in “revenge sex”. Typically, a person seeking to explore and partake in “revenge sex” has been “hurt” or “offended” by the object of their ire. Revenge is, in and of itself, a nefarious term, something that a person seeks out as a way to harm another person. Of course what the person seeking revenge seems to almost universally ignore is that the repercussions and negative effects that seeking and extracting revenge almost always entail, come right back to bite them in the ass.

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Let’s take the following happening as an example. Your ex-girlfriend and you break up… rather acrimoniously. You feel hurt and devise a “perfect” way to get back at her subsequently hurting her in the process. You have devised the ideal “revenge sex” scenario, one that would involve a “friend” of hers that has for quite some time flirted with you and clearly expressed her “openness” to your sexual charms. Perhaps you even considered having a threesome at some point.

Your devious plan included inviting this “friend” over to your place, engaging in hot and steamy sex with her and of course making sure that your ex would accidentally stop by in order to witness the act! Perfect “revenge sex” in your mind. It all goes off exactly as planned and you feel like the master mastermind of lewd and lascivious behavior.

You feel really proud of yourself. You feel like you put one over on your ex and you feel like “the man”. Of course you did this because you were hurt and in reality wanted your ex-girlfriend back. Fat chance of that happening now! In fact not only have you burned THAT bridge with your “revenge sex” escapade, you have now left the door wide open for “revenge revenge sex”. Oh yes, you didn’t really think that your ex would take this laying down? Well maybe laying down, or on all fours or straddling on a chair… bottom line is, if she cheated at first, she is probably going to get even – again.

As easy as you may think it was to find that one easy “friend” of hers to share in your debauchery… it is that much easier for her to find a friend of yours that is more than happy to aid her in this latest act in the “revenge sex” play. Make no mistake, no one wins in these scenarios – well no one except those people used by the “feuding lovers” should they only be looking for quick thrills.

Let’s even consider the situation that you caught your partner cheating and they actually allowed you to have revenge sex to even things out. Unless you and your ex are shallower that a toddler’s wading pool, you will both come out of this more hurt than before and with sullied reputations – either amongst your friends or between each other. Take it from me, no good can come of this sort of sexual escapade. If you don’t believe me, remember the episode in Family Guy where Lois cheated on Peter with Bill Clinton? The revenge sex was set up but didn’t go through. Why? It’s common sense – nothing good can come from hurting someone in return. At the end, you’ll both be scarred from the experiences and unfaithfulness.

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Written by Tom Wake

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