Reality Kings Offers Ted Cruz Lifetime Membership On Twitter

No this is not a joke, the anti-sex toy senator’s account actually liked porn – publicly.

No it’s not April Fool’s, no it’s not a misunderstanding, this happened and the Internet is about as shocked as you.

Senator Ted Cruz, known for taking a side against the adult entertainment industry, has found his account in a rather ‘sticky’ situation. Pun intended, but suitably so. Last night, the account liked a Reality Kings scene starring Cory Chase.

The tweet with the video Cruz’s account liked still exists online, though it can no longer be found on Cruz’s page.

Frankly, there were only two possible solutions to this, and the Internet already knew what was coming: scapegoat or claimed it was hacked.

The irony of this situation is not lost on many in the adult industry, who remember well the law he fought for to ban sex toys.

So other adult brands chimed in as well:

And of course, this conversation on ironic Twitter mishaps wouldn’t be complete with the brand who’s content is the real star here. Reality Kings offered Ted Cruz a lifetime membership.

Written by TRENDZZ

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