Why You Should Never Send Nudes Over Snapchat

Once the Internet gets a hold of them… oh boy.
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Snapchat was basically designed (my personal opinion here) for users to sext consequence free. With photos self-destructing in 1 to 10 seconds, you’re offered an extremely reassuring guarantee: that those dirty pics you’re sending to your special someone will disappear moments after they’ve been watched, an infinitesimally small blip on the erotic radar of web space. The thing is, though, is that there are no guarantees in life. And even if the technologies we used worked perfectly, there’s always that unpredictable element called human error. Here’s why you should be cautious about flashing nude pics over Snapchat.

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Uh… I pushed the wrong button

If you follow the NBA, then you’ve likely heard about the 2016 Draymond Green fiasco. Green, power forward for the Golden State Warriors, unintentionally clicked the wrong button and sent a Snapchat of his fully-engorged penis to his extremely extensive list of followers (including his mom). Ten minutes later, it was deleted, and he offered the excuse that he’d been hacked, about as convincing as that old dog-ate-my-homework canard. Later, he confessed to his mistake, reminding us all that when it comes to sharing naked photos online—even on an app that offers seemingly watertight security, we’re all just one-click away from unintended internet stardom. Of the pornographic variety, of course.

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Who’s on the other side?

Remember, you’ve gotta’ trust the recipient of your homemade smut. Sending over a shot of your proudly erect penis or a nice panorama of a pair of buxom breasts might seem like a good idea, assuming the person on the other end is as respectful of discretion as you are. If not, they can always take a picture of your junk from another electronic device and keep it—for the sake of posterity, or your future embarrassment. It’s always important to keep in mind that once your private content leaves the relative security of your own phone, it belongs to the internet, and the internet can be a cruel, cruel place.

This guy…

Going public with our poorly-lit nudies is the last thing any of us wants, but there are no guarantees that this won’t happen when you’re sending sexy selfies across the ether sphere that is the internet. Should one of your pornographic creations fall into the public domain, there’s plenty of people there to pick them up and artfully deconstruct (or mock them). mr.dick_pic is a perfect example of this phenomenon, with dozens of curated photos of dudes’ junk, pasted over with hilarious images of cartoon characters and dick jokes. As awesome as these are, this is something you definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of.

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Snapchat is no doubt a useful tool, and there’s no reason why you can’t send a lover a tastefully shot erotic image, tasteful being the operative word here. Instead of capturing your penis in all of its glory with the standard birds eye view, try something a little less… incriminating. Sometimes it can be a whole lot hotter to leave something to the imagination.

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Written by Tom Wake

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