Here Are All The Reasons Why NOT To Hook Up With Your Ex

Your heart may say “yes”, but your brain is shouting “HELL NO”

Hooking up with your ex may seem appealing. Sure your ex is familiar territory and at the time it may even be convenient. But the truth is, more often than not, when someone hooks up with their ex, it results in regret. Next time you’re tempted to hit the sheets with your ex, remember these four reasons why it’s never a good idea.

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You’ll Get Caught in a Cycle

When many relationships end, there’s often one person in the partnership who wasn’t ready to call it quits. Even when both parties mutually agree to end things, there’s no closure if they continue to hook up after the relationship ends. Whether you bump into your ex when you’ve had one too many drinks, or they entice you via text message at midnight, you won’t get fully over them if you continue to hook up. Stop sparking up those emotions and seriously, let it go – even if you’re not completely ready to. It’s for the best.

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Risk Reigniting Feelings

Hooking up with your ex isn’t necessarily a benign experience. You might start reminiscing about the good times while dismissing all of the reasons you broke up in the first place. It’s not uncommon for ex couples who hook up to end up getting back together. You might start catching feelings all over again and get right back into a relationship that didn’t work out in the first place. According to a survey by adult toy company Adam & Eve, women are more likely to hook up with an ex than men. Incidentally, women are also more likely to develop feelings from sexual intimacy.

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Comes Off as Desperate

Couples who are over their exes and have moved on to healthy, satisfying relationships don’t end up hooking up with their exes. If you’re the one initiating the idea of hooking up with your ex, it tells them that you don’t have much going on for yourself in the relationship department. If you’re still seeking out sex with someone you broke up with or who broke up with you, it comes off as desperate. This gives your ex an ego boost and gives them a sense of power over you. 

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You’ll Regret It

When have you ever heard of an ex couple hooking up and still feeling like it was a good decision afterward? Ex couples often hook up when they’re drunk, or feeling lonely. Not only that, it will likely impact your self-esteem and you may, even if only temporarily, feel bad about yourself and your decision to roll in the hay with your ex.

Have you ever experienced a good outcome from hooking up with your ex? Let me know.

Written by Nikki Benz

Life lesson provider, Pomeranian lover, and Adult Industry specialist. Don of the #BenzMafia.