How I Found My Male G-Spot

A story that you can learn from and actually try at home.
Photo – Brazzers (The Sex Test)

We’ve all heard about the female g-spot, but did you know guys have one too? If not, that’s okay; I didn’t either, not until a particularly adept lover and profound ‘knower’ of male anatomy educated me, an experience that was as exhilarating as it was shocking.

I’d been seeing this girl, let’s call her Sharon, for a couple months, what you could call a casual fling. We were at the point of being at ease with one another, a point that—I’m sure you’ll agree—is optimal for sexual experimentation instead of the cautious, vanilla sex that first-time lovers indulge in.

Photo – Roxy nightclub |

The fateful evening that my mind was positively blown, along with a certain male appendage, we were out at a popular Montreal nightclub. For a Friday night, it was strangely quiet, which might account for why she led me by the hand to the women’s bathroom to bestow upon me sexual favors of the star-seeing variety. This, a racy proposition, was not something I was about to turn down.

So, enclosed in a stall, in the middle of receiving oral sex that was, excuse the pun, ‘tops’, something strange and unexpected happened. I felt a warm, wriggling sensation as she pressed a finger into my butt and made a kind of “come here” motion with it. I was shocked, scandalized, but the sensation was so overwhelming, so intense, that instead of stopping her, I let out a moan while I was overcome by an orgasm that shook me, again—apologies for the pun—’to the bone’.

Photo – XO Necole

After, when I asked Sharon what she’d done, exactly, somewhat flushed and bashful; she shrugged and innocently answered: “I rubbed your prostate, that’s all.” That’s all, as if a climax that sent me hurtling beyond the stratosphere into the vacuum of space only to see ancient stars exploding into supernovas, were some small matter. So began my foray into butt play, the only kind of play that allows for the stimulation of the male g-spot.

So what is the prostate, you ask? Well, it’s a walnut- or chestnut-sized gland that serves as a kind of valve controlling when we either ejaculate or urinate that helps to produce male seminal fluid.

Essentially, the male orgasm begins with the prostate, which is why it’s such a dense bundle of nerves.

I know, it seems like a cruel twist of fate that the male erogenous zone with more nerve endings than the tip of the human penis is located a couple inches inside the butt. But really, if you’re unbothered by it and curious like me, it’s a very small hurdle to overcome when the prize is an orgasm that buckles the knees. For those less inclined to travel the yellow brick road, there’s always the tantalizing alternative of having your so-called ‘taint’, or perineum massaged. This doesn’t beat the real thing, but it definitely intensifies the experience.

For the open minded and those who find themselves without hang-ups, the male g-spot is a tried and true gateway to mind-numbing pleasure. While it’s been years since Sharon and I have spoken, I will be eternally grateful for the gift she foisted upon me and that I now humbly pass on to you.

Written by Hugh Jasse

An eloquent soul, a lover of women, fine wine, and travel. I can often be spotted aboard a skiff in Santorini, catching rays and artfully plucking at my lute.