Brazzers Got REAL Moms To Try The Piledriver (SFW)

With varying results…

This Mother’s Day we want to give our beloved mothers the ultimate gift by putting a twist to achieving a mind blowing orgasm. We at TRENDZZ partnered with Brazzers to provide a mini-tutorial to moms.

Because we care, we’ve created a video with sex professionals to demonstrate these advanced techniques and are providing this step-by-step guide. Brazzers performers Charles Dera and Cherie Deville will be introducing to you the “Piledriver”, the “Erotic Accordion”, and the “Arc De Triomphe”. So stretch, get warmed up, and get ready for some sexual healing!

We’ve also asked three outgoing couples Foncha & Brendan, Lisa & Tony, and Laura & Michael to help recreate the motions.

Here’s our step-by-step guide.

The Piledriver

Caution: You should be able to look all the way down without pain.

Instructions for mother:
Lay on your back and bring your legs over your head.
You can use a support on your lower back in order to get your tailbone to mirror the ceiling.
Depending on comfort, legs can be together or apart.

Instructions for partner:
In an upright position, spread open your legs.
Step forward in order to have direct contact of the genitalia.
You can place your hands on your partner’s hamstrings for support.
Let penetration begin.
Apply motion of squatting in as many repetitions as needed.
The speed is variable.

Erotic Accordion

Instructions for partner:
Lay on your back.
Bring knees to chest.
Extra support for partner: wrap your arms around to grab partner’s behind.

Instructions for mother:
Towering your partner, legs apart, knees bent at a 90 degree angle.
Genitalia aligned and allow for insertion.
Spring up and down.
You can use your partner’s knees for support.

Arc de Triomphe

Instructions for partner:
Lay horizontally on your back.
Extra support for partner: hold on to partner’s waist.

Instructions for mother:
Kneeling with legs around partner’s hips.
Bend as far back as possible, using arms as support, into a bridge.

Happy Humping to all our mothers on their special day!

Comment your favorite position on the YouTube video for a chance to win a Mother’s Day gift basket and Brazzers membership for your mom 😉 . Read the Terms and Conditions for the contest here.


Written by TRENDZZ

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