The Best J*rk-Off Gifs On The Internet

In case you wanna tell someone to go fvck themselves politely.

We know how annoying people online can get. Trust us, sometimes we’re in that boat. And when a porn star receives nothing but “I wanna make fvck you with my huge [….]” – you get what I’m saying.

So we came up with a few scenarios utilizing our creative ways to tell people to get bent that are a little more amusing than using words. Enjoy!

“I still love you bae…” (when they already have a new significant other)

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“I’m done with finals!” (and you’re just starting summer courses)

mr-chow jerk-off gif
Photo – Gif Central

When you win in your fantasy pool

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“OMG! My dad got me a new boat :O :D” (unlikely, unless you have a lot of rich friends)

jonah hill jerk off
Photo – Reddit

“Check out my new gf/bf”

Jerk off gif
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Written by Tom Wake

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