Adult Gaming Has Its Own Game Console – Finally

The handmade console by Nutaku is a refreshing take on what products adult gaming can offer
Photo – Nutaku

You know what they say, be there or be square -and Nutaku seems to be here, but they’re not square.

Game consoles have taken square and rectangular shapes as the core or their designs for as long as I can remember. Maybe that’s why they look so… common, when you compare them. Nutaku is here with a new, circular, anatomically-shaped console that’ll have you giggling uncontrollably before even lighting up the game.

Today, 18+ online gaming platform, Nutaku, is ushering in the site’s 4th year with the launch of a creatively unique, breast-shaped, gaming console. The launch marks the first gaming platform to announce expansion into product development specifically for adult gamers. The Windows-based console is housed within a flesh-like, silicone cover, and comes pre-loaded with the Nutaku Desktop Application, allowing users to access over 200 free-to-play and premium game titles. The limited edition console is the portal’s first collectible item, sporting a unique shape and color. The sleek design makes this console the perfect addition to any game enthusiast’s collection.

Take a look behind the scenes at how the console was made!

“There’s a lot going on in the game console scene these days. Nintendo is threatening to stop making consoles, and Mad Box is promising to be the most powerful, we wanted to make something unique and inviting for our 18+ community. Now players can easily plug into any TV or monitor and access their favorite titles.”

-Jessica Myers, Design Director


Photo – Nutaku

Features and Specs

The console has standard game console features, with a neat tactile addition in the way of design. The console not only looks like part of the human anatomy, but feels like it too.

  • Silicone covered shell with a flesh-like feel
  • Nipple shaped power button
  • HDMI port
  • 2 x USB ports
  • Audio jack
  • External power supply
  • Wireless internet connection

The console is now available and can be purchased here for $169.99 USD while supplies last.

Written by TRENDZZ

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