6 Signs You Might Be A Kickass ‘Alpha Female’

She is quite an elusive type.
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Independent, strong, assertive, boss b*tch. These are all words often used to describe an alpha female. A woman who stands out from the rest. A leader in her career and her personal life. More and more men, especially of the millennial generation, are after this type of woman. If you’re a confident, secure guy looking for an alpha female, here’s how to know when you meet one.

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She Knows Exactly What She Wants

The quote “mastering others is a strength, mastering yourself is true power” applies to the alpha female. She knows herself and in knowing herself is not only sure of what she wants, but knows how to go about getting her needs and desires met. She is anything but indecisive, and once she has her mind set on something, she goes after it with every fiber of her being.

“mastering others is a strength, mastering yourself is true power”

She’s Supremely Self-Confident

An alpha female doesn’t need validation from the outside world. She’s inherently self-confident and unwaveringly aware of her value and worth to those she chooses to surround herself with. She doesn’t fish for compliments from peers or partners and she doesn’t pretend to be something other than she is to gain acceptance. She has a healthy-self-esteem and a knack for making those around her rise to the occasion and feel equally good about themselves.

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She Values Solutions Not Excuses

The alpha female believes that everyone is responsible for their own destiny and the decisions they make in life. She holds herself and others to this standard, which means she has no room for excuses. Alpha women take responsibility and expect others to do the same. You won’t find her making excuses for anything, or anyone and if you try to dish out excuses for decisions, or behaviors, you’ll be met with her firm disapproval.

She Has a Strong Backbone

Sorry, but you can’t push an alpha woman around. She stands up for herself in all situations that call for it and she stands up for others when she senses they lack the backbone she has. If you’re looking for a meek, submissive woman who will let you treat her like a doormat, the alpha woman isn’t it. Whether you’ve just met, or she’s known you for years, she will assert herself and will settle for no less than to be treated with the utmost respect.

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She Speaks Her Mind

Alpha females aren’t afraid to speak their mind. If you’re used to women that sugar coat things to keep the peace and avoid confrontation, then you may be taken aback. An alpha female doesn’t shy away from disagreements, conflict, or confrontation. She approaches subjects with an open mind, is ready to listen and prepared to discuss her feelings, thoughts and opinions on any subject matter, whether you’re comfortable with it or not.

She Doesn’t Need You

The alpha female is a rock star in key facets of her life such as career, family and friendships. She’s financially stable and has a support system that stimulates her passions and vitality. She’s with you because she chooses to be, not because she needs you for one reason or another.

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