The Best Comments Found On Adult Sites (Part 1)

“In Mario Kart 64, how do you hit the big jump on Rainbow Road?”

First up in our series of ‘Best Comments’ is the world’s leader in premium adult content, Brazzers. We want to thank their page managers for submitting these awesome comments.

Warning to those with weak constitutions or impressionable minds, reader discretion is advised due to vulgar, explicit and hilarious descriptions.

Censored 2

But seriously, can someone offer some help here?

censored 4

When you figure out women have nicer breasts than male talent…

Censored 3

Who’d have thought you could ever get a (serious?) history lesson in the comments section?

Censored 5.1

All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!


Censored 1

This guy simply LOVES his porn.


Photo – Brazzers (The Power of Porn)

Have you seen any hilarious or shocking comments on Brazzers that weren’t included? Let us know!

Written by TRENDZZ

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