5 Types Of Apps That Suggest Your Partner Is Cheating On You

They can also be used for pranks…

According to an American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers survey, 81 percent of lawyers say they’ve seen a huge surge in social media evidence, such as Facebook messages, used in cases of cheating. Wow. With mobile technology advancing every day, there are plenty of new ways to hide cheating. Gone are the times where all you had to do was check your significant other’s phone to uncover sleazy text messages and unrecognized phone numbers. Unfortunately, these five types of apps make it easier to hide cheating than ever.

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GPS Spoofers

If you think you know where your significant other is just because you have one of those family and friend locator apps, think again. Free mobile applications that let users spoof their GPS location make location-based tracking useless. Let’s say your boyfriend tells you he’s going to New York on a business trip. He can download a free app that will spoof his GPS location to someplace in New York. Sort of like connecting to a VPN (virtual private network to mask your IP address). That way, when you check your family locator app, or whenever he posts on social media, the GPS stamp will show New York.

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Media Hiders

These applications allow users to hide photos, videos and other media. Say your girlfriend doesn’t want you to know that she has pics of a dick that isn’t yours, all she has to do is download a media hider and you’ll be none-the-wiser. Media hiders make it so it’s no longer as simple as checking your partner’s photos or videos to uncover those late night naked pics the person they’re cheating with sent them.

3rd Party Calling / Texting Apps

Cheating partners who are ‘clever’ won’t dare call or text someone they’re cheating with from their own phone number. That’s where 3rd party call/text apps come in. These apps allow users to obtain an anonymous phone number in the area code of their choosing and text and call whomever they want from it using WiFi or their phone’s data. Making it pointless to check your significant other’s call or text history. It’s also great for prank calls. So maybe opt to use it for that, and not for cheating.

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Self-Deleting/Self-Destructing Texts App

No longer do people have to worry about their side piece getting angry and exposing the salacious text messages they’ve exchanged. With self-deleting text apps the sender simply sets a designated time for the text to auto delete, or set texts to delete immediately after being viewed by the receiver. One such app is actually called “Tiger Text,” in reference to a famous golfer we all know. We won’t comment on that.

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Application Hiders

So you’re probably thinking all you need to do is check your partner’s phone for common apps used to cheat. Well that’s where technology has gotten one step ahead of you again. Application hiders are apps that let the user hide any application they want, as to avoid suspicion. So if your mate doesn’t want you to know that they have a media hider, or 3rd party calling app on their phone, all they have to do is download an app hider to hide them.


Written by Nikki Benz

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