TransAngels Responds To U.S. Anti-Trans Army Recruitment Policies With Military-Themed Scene

“A cohesive scene narrative becomes easy to execute when the cast is unified.”
Photo – TransAngels (Active Booty)

Great strides were made in 2015 through 2016 towards a greater acceptance of American transgender recruits in the United States military corps. However, 2017 was a year where all that just sort of, stopped.

But while transgender-friendly services seemed to come to a halt, adult entertainment brand, TransAngels, was just getting started. Upon hearing of the change in policy, TransAngels went to set and produced a military-themed trans porn scene, aptly titled Active Booty.

Here is the official safe-for-work trailer:

The scene synopsis explains Active Booty‘s change in command:

Drill Sergeant Jessy Dubai is displeased with her charges – they can’t get anything right, not even their uniforms! Jessy is fed up, but so are her three trainees, Casey Kisses, Phoenix Marie, and Eli Hunter. The three decide to stage a coup and give hard-ass Sergeant Dubai a taste of her own medicine. Sergeant Dubai is appalled. No one has ever treated her this way… but she loves it.

Photo – TransAngels (Active Booty)

TransAngels Product Director, Danny Angel, explained the impetus of the military-themed scene:

“I’ve always believed that anyone should have the right to fight for their country and freedom without fear of discrimination. We at TransAngels are passionate about freedom of choice and seek empowerment of our performers through the medium at our availability – adult film. We aim to exemplify the strength of trans talent by allowing them to play dominant roles, from a drill instructor in the military, to their favorite superhero.

A cohesive scene narrative becomes easy to execute when the cast is unified. Visualizing unity through the scene displays strength in togetherness between straight and trans recruits that seems, if not just a little, more attainable.

– Danny Angel (Product Director, TransAngels)

The cast features TS and A-list straight talent alike. And when asked about the casting choices, Angel replied:

“Jessy Dubai was the perfect and only choice for the Drill Sergeant role. She always puts so much energy into her performances that we knew she would rock this over-the-top character.

Casey Kisses is a girl we’re excited to work with for the first time. The willowy blonde provides an excellent foil to Jessy’s and Phoenix’s aggressive character personas.

We’ve been wanting to work with Phoenix Marie for some time and are very excited to have her in this scene. With her exuberance, playful personality, and amazonian stature we knew she would be ideal for the role of mutiny ringleader.

As for Eli Hunter, he’s one of our top guys who can handle anything. He was just a perfect all-around fit for the scene when it came to looks, character, and performance.”

Performer Casey Kisses also commented on the experience on set, stating that “shooting for TransAngels was such an awesome experience. […] Their level of professionalism sets a new standard. The production itself was well orchestrated and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it all. I felt like I learned so much working with Phoenix Marie, Jessy Dubai, and Eli hunter. We all had a great time and I can’t wait for my next set with TransAngels.”

TransAngels’ mainstream scenes do not stop at Active Booty, as their recent foray into parodies with Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody, featuring A-list performer, Chanel Santini, was more than a simple knock on the door inviting audiences to discover the brand. In fact, it burst the door wide open, swiftly accumulating more than 200k views in about 1 month following its release. TransAngels proves they have something to offer the mainstream audience and trans community – beyond sexual stimulation.

Active Booty is now available to view on TransAngels.

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