Nutaku Teams Up With Pornhub For a Special Amateur Contest

A creative, sexy video is all you need to win big.

Nutaku, the world’s leading adult gaming platform, has partnered with Pornhub for their latest Model Payment Program contest. This means that you could win over $10,000 USD in prizes just by uploading a creative and sexy video of yourself playing a Nutaku game.

What do they mean by a creative and sexy video?

Why not try filming yourself cosplaying as one of your favorite video game characters while you use your joystick to play a Nutaku game? As long as it’s sexy, creative and uploaded to Pornhub between September 17th and October 17th, 2018, you have a chance to win big.

If you want to win awesome prizes for combining your love of video games with your love of porn, have a look at the contest details below.

What You Can Win

There are few things in life that are better than porn and video games. One of the things that beat porn and video games is winning cool prizes for shooting porn and playing video games. Check out what you can win for participating in the latest Model Payment Program contest.

1st Place

$5,000 + Nutaku Swag Bag + A brand-new gaming headset, mouse and keyboard.

2nd Place

$3,000 +Nutaku Swag Bag

3rd Place

$2,000 + Nutaku Swag Bag

But wait, there’s more! Nutaku is also giving away 10 swag bags at random! 

Nutaku pornhub
Photo – Nutaku

Contest Rules

  • You must upload  creative and sexy video of yourself playing a Nutaku game (game must be showcased in the background).
  • The video must have “Nutaku” in the title.
  • The video must have “NutakuNet” in the tags.
  • Free videos and pay-to-download videos are eligible. For-sale Modelhub videos are ineligible.
  • No previous uploads are eligible, it must be a new video.
  • No misleading metadata.

You must also be a part of Pornhub’s Model Program, which means you must be over 18. If you’re not a part of Pornhub’s Model Program, all you have to do is create a free account, get verified (i.e. upload a photo of yourself showing your username) and submit the model application.

Recommended Games

Nutaku has a massive library of adult games and if you haven’t tried them yet, their team has curated a list to help inspire your creative and sexy videos to upload on Pornhub and win big.

The games the Nutaku team recommend you try are:

  • Fap CEO (Free download game for PC, also available on PC browser and Android)
  • Booty Calls (available on PC and Android)
  • Attack on Moe-H (available on PC and Android)
  • Chick Wars (available on PC and Android)
  • Pocket Fantasy (Free download game for PC and also Android)
  • Pocket Waifu (available on PC and Android)
  • Fake Lay (available on PC and mobile web browser)
  • Throne of Legends (available on PC and Android)
  • Sacred Sword Princesses (Free download game for PC and also Android)
  • Harem Heroes (available on PC, Android and mobile web browser)
  • Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored (available on PC only)
  • Crystal Maidens (available on PC and Android)
  • Foxynite (Free download game for PC and Android)
  • Naughty Kingdom (available on PC and Android)
  • Non Stop Goddess (available on PC and Android)
  • Rumblade (available on PC and Android)

If you have any questions about the games or the contest, don’t hesitate to hit up @NutakuGames on Twitter.