Nina Hartley Returns to Brazzers in “Nina’s Chapel of Lust”

An exclusive interview with the legendary star about her return to the world’s #1 premium adult site.

The legendary Nina Hartley has been a staple of the adult industry since the early 1980s and she’s coming back to Brazzers with a two-part series that will show you why she’s one of the all-time greats. Trendzz got a chance to speak to Nina Hartley about her upcoming Brazzers series, how the porn industry has changed over the years and even managed to get some amazing sex tips from the renowned sexpert.

Take a look at our exclusive interview with the star of “Nina’s Chapel of Lust” and adult industry legend Nina Hartley below.

Nina Hartley brazzers
Photo – Brazzers (Nina’s Chapel of Lust)

What’s changed about shooting with Brazzers since the last time you featured on the site in 2007?

The process is more streamlined, it seems to me. More couples-oriented. Fun scripts.

When you got the script for your new scene ‘Nina’s Chapel of Lust’, what was your reaction?

I loved it! Funny and sexy.

Aside from the equipment, what’s changed about shooting porn since the 1980s?

The order of events. Still shots used to be taken throughout the scene, during breaks when the master cassette was changed. Now, the “sex stills” are shot before the scene is recorded, to allow for more flow during the sex. I liked the old way because it made for a more relaxed scene, with more interaction between the partners.

What has changed the most about your sexual tastes/preferences as time has passed?

They have become broader, kinkier and more Queer. I’m basically the same, though, as when I was 18. Just more experienced and together!

Nina Hartley Brazzers
Photo – Brazzers (Nina’s Chapel of Lust)

Having seen so many trends come and go in the adult industry, what do you think is going to be the next big thing?

Besides changes in how product is delivered (Internet, streaming, camming, etc.), the next big thing is the only thing left in porn that is under-developed are emotions.

When did you realize that you could sustain a career in the adult industry for multiple decades?

It wasn’t something I realized. I just knew I had found my version of a “forever home” and didn’t need to leave. Sex is my thing and porn is the place to be if you want to make a legal living with it. Sex speaks to me artistically, politically, socially, personally and historically.

Since you’re known for your sex lessons, what are the most common questions you receive from fans?

The most common questions start with “How do I get my partner to…” The second most common questions have to do with the questioner’s fear that they may not be “normal” in their desires or activities. As long as it’s consensual, have at it!

Nina Hartley Brazzers
Photo – Brazzers (Nina’s Chapel of Lust)

What are some sex tips that everyone could use? One major tip for men? One major tip for women?

For everyone: A body knows when it’s being acted *upon* versus interacted *with.* Learn your own body’s likes/dislikes and also how to listen to your partner’s body. Masturbation works well for this exercise.

For Men: Slow down! Learn female anatomy so you can be more effective. Wash your hands and file your nails before getting into bed.

For Women: Speak up! We can’t read your mind and we want to be good lovers. Pleasure is something you create together, not something he […] “gets” from you.

See Nina Hartley in ‘Nina’s Chapel of Lust’ on November 10th, only on Brazzers.

Nina Hartley Brazzers
Photo – Brazzers (Nina’s Chapel of Lust)