Mofos Chooses Gianna Dior for September’s MFX-Factor

Don’t miss her featured scene because she’s on her way to super-stardom.
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Gianna Dior)

Gianna Dior has only been in the industry for a few months, but her talents and allure are undeniable, which is why Mofos decided to give her the coveted title of MFX-Factor this September.

“I’m super excited to be a part of the MFX family!” Gianna Dior told Trendzz. “This is my first ‘girl of the month’ title and I feel like it’s a huge step in my career.”

When asked why she thinks she was chosen, Gianna said, “I think my personality? I’m not really worried about the why. Doing porn makes me happier than anything ever has and I’m just extremely thankful for every job I get and I make sure I show up with a positive attitude every time.”

Gianna went on to say, “It’s really easy to show up to a Mofos shoot with a positive attitude because I love their style. It’s very artsy and creative. The whole team is super professional and easy to work with.”

Gianna Dior mfx
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Gianna Dior)

Mofos Marketing Director, Roger Thoters, was more than happy to volunteer why the Mofos team chose Gianna Dior as this month’s MFX-Factor. “We started MFX as a way of showcasing the hottest up-and-comers in the industry. And since Gianna is one of the hottest rookies around, we knew we had to act quickly and make her an MFX-Factor because she’s going to be a huge star in a matter of months, if not sooner.”

Thoters went on to say, “Gianna did a ‘Don’t Break Me Scene’ in June and a ‘Share My BF’ scene with Aidra Fox in July. Both were smash hits with our members and she was so easy to work with that we were thrilled to give her a featured scene.”

Gianna Dior MFX
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Gianna Dior)

Beautiful moves before ballet class. 

In Gianna’s MFX-Factor scene, Mofos invites you to come spend the day with the hottest newcomer. Gianna’s eager to go off to her ballet class and show you how flexible–among other things–she is in real life. She’s a talented dancer and wants to show off her beautiful moves before showing off some of her other special skills for your viewing pleasure.

“Gianna is a joy to work with and we think that really comes through in the scene. She obviously has the looks to be one of the most popular performers in the adult industry, but her professionalism and commitment to quality is going to take her places. We’re already looking forward to the next time we get to work with her,” Thoters said.

Gianna Dior’s featured MFX-Factor scene goes live on Mofos September 1st.