Mofos 10-Year Anniversary Looks At How Much Users Have Changed In A Decade

As times changed, so did the Mofos audience.
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Ten years ago, Mofos launched and the Internet’s amateur porn landscape was never the same. A then up-and-coming Asa Akira starred in the brand’s very first scene. Since then, Mofos has become a destination for porn fans to see the adult superstars of tomorrow kick off their careers. Just a few of the names that started out as Mofos amateurs include: Mia Malkova, Ariana Marie, Riley Reid and Kimmy Granger.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the last decade is the Mofos team’s dedication to finding the hottest girls wanting to become porn stars and giving their members a first look at them in action. However, what their members are interested in has changed a great deal in ten years of operation. To mark their 10-year anniversary, Mofos decided to give fans a peek behind the curtain so they can see how things have changed over the last ten years.

What You Were Searching in 2008 vs. Today

2008 was a strange time. Everyone was wearing neon shutter shades and only the elite had access to smartphones capable of streaming the quality amateur content a new website called Mofos had to offer. When they were logging on to Mofos on their desktop computers, what were they looking for?

Ten years ago, the top search terms on Mofos were “anal”, “creampie”, “Asian”, “squirt” and “public”. Today, Mofos users still seek out anal sex over any kind of content, but their desire to see moms has increased significantly.

Since 2008, searches for “mom” have increased by 55%, knocking “creampie” out of the top five. Searches for “squirt” also increased causing it to leap into the third most popular search term. “Public” jumped to the fourth place in the top 5, with “Latina” capping off the 2018 list.

“Creampie” and “Asian” weren’t the only search terms that lost popularity over the course of ten years. By 2018, searches for “POV” was down by 82%, presumably because most Mofos scenes are POV scenes and don’t need to be searched for. The other terms that lost popularity over the last decade are a little harder to explain. Aside from not knowing why “creampie” and “Asian” were searched 81% and 73% less than they were in 2008, searches for “bus” decreased by 78%, “lesbian” searches decreased by 71% and “Czech” dropped off by 68%.

Looking at the data provided by Mofos, the decrease in how frequently these terms are being searched shouldn’t suggest that people are no longer into watching lesbians and creampies on busses (would that be separate busses then?). It’s more so that in the last decade new categories of porn have emerged and seized the attention of the fapping masses.

Around 2014, “stepsister” and “stepmom” videos started to gain traction all over the adult industry. When Mofos started, a fraction of visitors were interested in this niche, but now it has grown exponentially in popularity. Since 2008, searches for “stepsister” have exploded with a 95% increase. “Stepmom” has also enjoyed a huge boom with an increase of 87%.

Other search terms that have exploded in popularity since the site’s inception include: “sneaky” by 35%, “gamer” by 29%, “Espagnol” by 20% and “blindfold” by 10%.

Peak Times in 2008 vs 2018

There’s never a bad time of day to visit Mofos. Whether you want to do it first thing in the morning with a cup of hot coffee, in the late afternoon for a little pick-me-up or in the dead of night when your privacy is assured, that’s your business and we won’t judge you for it. But if you have ever wondered when the most people are looking at porn, Mofos has you covered and, interestingly enough, it has changed over the years.

Back in 2008 when the site first launched, Mofos was dominated by late afternoon visits. The most popular times to check out Mofos was 5pm and 4pm, with late morning rounding out the top 5. Ten years later, late afternoon was no longer the most popular time to visit Mofos. While 5pm still made the cut for 2018’s top 5 most popular times to visit Mofos, 12pm, 1pm and 11am all overtook it, meaning the Mofos audience could no longer wait until their workday was done before they took a look at what was new on the Internet’s top premium amateur site.

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Despite the changes in user behavior over the years, you can always count on Mofos to deliver the highest quality amateur content for at least another 10 years. 

Be sure to catch the 10-year anniversary scene on Mofos this Wednesday, January 30th! And don’t forget to stop by and wish Mofos a happy anniversary on Twitter now: @MofosNetwork.

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