Mofos Highlights Female Porn Stars with Launch of ‘MFX-Factor’ this January

And January’s MFX-Factor is…
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Charity Crawford)

Porn’s most recognizable adult site to debut amateur talent, Mofos, has announced that they will be recognizing outstanding female talent.

The highlighted girl will be awarded the title of ‘MFX-Factor’. The title comes packaged with a personalized Mofos varsity jacket, custom photoshoot, and featured MFX scene on Mofos.

We asked Mofos’ Senior Marketing Manager, Julie Yah, the reason behind the move to recognize an MFX-Factor.

“As a brand that’s growing and reaching more people, we need to be able to diversify and change up the way we’ve been doing things.”

“‘Same content’ is ‘stale content’ and as a brand that’s always looking for fresh, new talent, our branding and marketing materials will reflect that.”

– Julie Yah (Mofos)

Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Charity Crawford)

So how can you become an MFX-Factor?

“The criteria are pretty simple, the MFX-Factor will be selected based on looks, skill, and of course, a performer’s professionalism and hard work in their performances. These are the girls whose careers we want to elevate and promote the most”, replied Yah.

The good news for performers is, by debuting on Mofos, you run the chance of being featured as the MFX-Factor. The title is only open to female performers who debut on the site.

Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Charity Crawford)

January’s MFX-Factor 2018 is Charity Crawford.

“She has a very arresting look” commented Yah. “When paired with her sassy, southern attitude, she has the right amount of nice and spice to make her scenes and photos really come alive.”

Crawford expressed excitement with her MFX-Factor title recognition and commented on the featured scene she shot:

“[…] When it comes to [shooting], it’s always fun on set, we’re like a family. The content was super fun to shoot, we went to a bunch of different places. I had a lot of fun. I feel so special being chosen to be the first MFX girl and I loveeee my jacket! Everything was just a blast.”

You can catch Mofos’ MFX-Factor, Charity Crawford, on the site this month.

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