Ring in Spring with Mofos’ April MFX-Factor: Alex Blake

Feature scene to showcase her many talents.
Alex Blake Mofos
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Alex Blake)

Mofos continues to nail their MFX-Factor picks with Alex Blake. Here’s what you can expect this month.

The adorable, all-American girl-next-door, Alex Blake, has been chosen as April 2018’s MFX-Factor. The honor means she will be starring in a feature scene on Mofos that you won’t want to miss.

We were able to speak with Roger Thoters, Mofos’ Marketing Director, about their latest MFX-Factor selection. Here’s what they had to say about Alex Blake.

What inspired you to choose Alex Blake as April’s MFX-Factor?

“We’ve always been impressed with Alex’s ability to play a number of different roles but we’ve found it very challenging to write characters for her, because her personality really is better than anything we could come up with. She’s funny, sweet, incredibly talented, and we really just wanted to showcase that. Having her as an MFX-Factor was the perfect way to do that.”

Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Alex Blake)

What does Alex’s feature scene entail?

It’s a chance for her to show off her many talents.

The scene opens with Alex playing a song for her boyfriend on the beach. He becomes entranced (naturally) and he mumbles vague compliments, which makes her excited. Of course, then she realizes he was actually watching a woman apply lotion behind her, abruptly ending their relaxing day at the beach. Back at the house, her boyfriend apologizes, and he makes it up to her in the bedroom.

Besides the sex itself, the Mofos team was particularly impressed by Alex’s musical ability.

“Our favorite part would be when she torments her BF with a beautiful song about how she’s not going to have sex with him. She’s very talented, and very cruel! But mostly talented.”

Alex’s MFX-Factor scene will be live on Mofos on April 3rd.

Alex Blake Mofos
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Alex Blake)

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