Maya Bijou Talks About A Special ‘First’ Scene For Mofos

An exclusive interview with the sexy spinner on her new scene.
Maya Bijou First anal
Photo – Mofos (Maya Oh My!)

The adorable Maya Bijou is the latest porn star to try her first anal with Mofos. 

In her first anal scene ‘Maya Oh My!’, which is now available exclusively on Mofos, Maya Bijou’s man wanted to do something special for her, so he feeds her a nice meal and does all the cleanup too.

Feeling spoiled, Maya decides to spoil her man back. And since her man went above and beyond the call of duty, Maya decides to do the same by letting him explore her backdoor.

Trendzz got a chance to talk to Maya Bijou about her first anal scene. Find out how Maya feels about her Let’s Try Anal debut in the exclusive interview below.

Maya Bijou first anal
Photo – Mofos (Maya Oh My!)

Why did you decide to try anal with Mofos?

I decided to try my first anal with Mofos because they were one of the first companies I have ever shot for when I first started porn. I have shot for them a couple of times and have always been treated well by everyone on set. The crew is awesome, it’s always nothing but positive vibes, they always make sure I’m okay, comfortable and that I have everything I need.

Can you describe the difference in sensation?

Getting f*cked in the ass is a very different sensation than that of a d*ck in my p*ssy. I love my tight p*ssy to be filled by a d*ck and have my juices running. The difference with anal is you ALWAYS have to keep it lubed up, but the sensation of getting f*cked in the ass is way different in a good way. It’s a very different, intense, hot feeling for me.

When I shot my first anal scene for Mofos, I had never had anal sex before. I really lost my anal virginity on camera and I loved it.

Maya Bijou first anal
Photo – Mofos (Maya Oh My!)

What anal advice can you offer our followers?

Always train before you do it and once you’re done training and do it for your first time, KEEP IT LUBED UP and stay relaxed. Being relaxed has a big part to do with anal.

Is there anything sexier than a man who cooks and cleans?

Honestly, I love a man that cooks and cleans because I can’t cook but I’ll clean the dishes for you, baby. Hahaha. But something sexier to me…Good question! A man that knows about cars and can help me if mine breaks down. Just a man that can literally fix everything!

Now that you’ve tried anal, what’s next for Maya Bijou?

You have to wait and see 🙂

Watch Maya Bijou’s first anal scene ‘Maya Oh My!’ exclusively on Mofos. 

Maya Bijou first anal
Photo – Mofos (Maya Oh My!)