How the Internet Reacted to Brazzers Latest April Fools’ Day Spoof

Would you start your day with a hearty bowl of Fellatios?
Brazzers April Fools' Day
Photo – Brazzers (Lela Star for Fellati-Os)

Eating a well balanced breakfast is as important as watching porn, which is why Brazzers created it’s very own line of cereal: Fellati-Os, the Breakfast of Porn Stars!

Have you ever wondered where porn stars get the stamina they need to have sex that lasts for hours in positions that even professional athletes couldn’t hold for more than minute? It all starts with a healthy breakfast.

In the interest of giving the fuel you need to f*ck like a porn star, Brazzers created its very own protein-rich cereal: Fellati-Os.

Fellati-Os is the world’s first adult food product. Made by the internet’s top premium adult entertainment brand, the delicious and nutritious cereal is guaranteed to get your morning off…(on the right foot). With exclusive Brazzers and Reality Kings contract performer Lela Star endorsing the cereal, it won’t be long before Fellati-Os are a staple of every consenting adult’s day.

There’s only one catch…IT’S TOTALLY FAKE. 

Unfortunately, Fellati-Os will not be available for your consumption any time soon, but at least we can consume some hilarious reactions from Brazzers fans.

The power of suggestion

Sometimes all it takes to realize you are hungry is the suggestion. This fan had no idea they wanted to eat a dick until they saw Lela Star next to a box of Fellati-Os.

The practical cereal

One nice thing about eating a dick for breakfast is that you’ll never be in that sticky situation where you pour yourself a bowl only to find out you have no milk to wash it down with.

As these Brazzers fans pointed out, keep Fellati-Os in your mouth long enough and it’ll make its own cream.

Coming soon to Brazzers?

Whether they knew it was a goof or not, a large number of fans were quick to assure the Brazzers brass that they would watch a scene where Lela Star was endorsing Fellati-Os. Coming soon to Brazzers? We’ll have to wait and see.

Can’t fool a Brazzers fan

For the most part, Brazzers fans knew immediately that there was something fishy about Fellati-Os. And while it’s always a plus to pull off a successful prank on April Fools’ Day, the Brazzers team told us that they are content knowing that they have some of the sharpest fans on the internet.