‘FAKE Taxi’ Vehicle Stolen, Asking Public For Assistance To Locate the Taxi

Security footage released to expedite search for the world’s most famous taxi.
Security footage provided by FAKE Taxi

FAKE Taxi, the world’s most famous taxi, has been stolen from its parking space in the Sutton, UK area. 

Security camera footage from the property has been released to the public via the Trendzz YouTube channel in an effort to expedite the search.

The vehicle is black with a yellow ‘FAKE Taxi’ logo printed horizontally along each side of the vehicle, including the rear window. The manual transmission vehicle also features prominent front and rear bumpers.

FAKE Taxi Head of Production, Lew Thomas, expresses his hopes for the public’s assistance:

“We’re at a loss for words. The vehicle has a lot of history with our site and is deeply missed. We have other vehicles available, so this will not halt production on FAKE Taxi or FAKEhub. We hope to find the vehicle soon, so any assistance the public can offer in locating the vehicle will be very helpful.”

Anyone with information can contact FAKE Taxi on Twitter @FakeTaxi or via email at info@faketaxi.com.