An Exclusive Interview with Lena Paul

The ‘One of Everything’ star talks about her new series on Babes.
Lena Paul Babes
Photo – Babes (One of Everything)

Babes scriptwriter Victoria Nachos caught up with Lena Paul, the star of her new series ‘One of Everything,’ for an exclusive interview about the shoot.

Take a look at the stunning Lena Paul in the safe-for-work trailer for ‘One of Everything.’

How would you describe Babes’ new direction and what do you like about it?

Aesthetic values in pornography are sometimes lacking but I think the new direction for Babes seems to be what I jokingly call “editorial porn”–better sartorial choices, lots of dramatic themes, a more luxurious aesthetic value.

I really loved working on this project and am looking forward to hopefully getting back on a Babes set sometime soon.

How do you prepare for scenes with heavier story lines?

I listen to motivational speeches a lot. Is that lame? That’s pretty lame, right? I meditate, really try to empty my mind and come in with a clean slate. I try not to talk to too many people before and really focus on the scene itself if I know it’s going to be mentally or emotionally taxing beyond the norm.

Some people joke that I take my job too seriously and perhaps that’s true, but it’s because I’m very focused on bringing a good, healthy mind to set so I can have my most heartfelt and present performance.

Lena Paul babesPhoto – Babes (One of Everything)

How do you think having a female scriptwriter affects the scripts (if at all)?

It depends on the woman and the degree of creative liberty they’re given. The script I could absolutely tell was written by a woman and it gave me a lot of creative fuel. Representation matters!

It’s very meaningful to me personally when I walk onto a huge set like Babes or Brazzers and I’m handed script with a woman’s name at the top. I have production aspirations in the future, so it’s nice to see women paving the path ahead of me.

Did you feel any personal connection to the script?

Oh my god, yes. I was a partner in a startup shortly before I started in porn and there was a lot of political maneuvering and dick measuring contests, it was kind of a toxic office culture at times.

The business was my baby though and I was fiercely protective of what we were doing, so when it became apparent that I had to leave, I had a lot of anger and definitely fantasized about revenge.

This script was borderline therapeutic for me, I felt very connected to this scorned woman I had to play. I wrote to you after the fact because I felt so grateful for writing it and including me.

Lena Paul babesPhoto – Babes (One of Everything)

Of the four parts, which episode was your favorite and why?

I know it’s so cheesy to say but I loved all of them, all the boys are so sexy in different ways and I loved working with each and every one of them. But if I had to pick, I would definitely say the last episode was my favorite, getting to do the victory lap after all my scheming felt so satisfying.

Also the outfit and overall look were WILD.

Each episode sets up the performers for a different style of sex, essentially allowing you to try one of everything–which style or type of sex is your favorite and what satisfies you about it?

Much like the main character, I want everything. Limiting my appetites has always been anathema to me, and it’s been what has made me successful in porn as well. No one thing can satisfy me forever.

Lena Paul babes
Photo – Babes (One of Everything)

What kinds of realistic fantasies would you like to see more of on Babes (and porn in general)?

I really enjoyed this type of semi-realistic scenario, as I kind of identify with a lot of the sexual awakening that happened to the protagonist. I’d like to see tired moms snapping and going wild, I’d like to see awkward girls discovering that they feel powerful when they put on latex, just more realistic scenarios done with high production value.

There’s a lot more teasing and sexual tension in this series than porn audiences are used to. How did these drawn out sequences affect your performance?

We talked about this a lot during the sex! We could totally tell this was written by a woman because for once a man actually was made to TAKE HIS TIME ON ME. Like, the explicit inclusion of female pleasure, and placing it at the forefront in this script was really not something that I’ve seen so specifically underlined in a script before.

Directors, of course, will tell me that they want me to enjoy myself but it’s never been so explicit in the script. I put a lot of extra love into this project because I really felt like I was doing something close to what I’d like to do all the time.

Lena Paul babes
Photo – Babes (One of Everything)

How would you define passionate sex?

Connection. Look me in the eye, don’t think about your grocery list or if you’re going to have enough time to hit the gym after we f*ck. Tell me vocally what makes you feel good, let me share in your pleasure. It can be rough, slow, or kinky but both people need to be 100% present and open to the moment.

What attributes do you value most in male performers?

Connection! Men who are present, who you can tell genuinely love feminine pleasure, who are polite — that’s literally my only prerequisites for you to be on my favorite people to work with list. That, and wash your balls!

Are there any outfits from the series you wish you could have taken from the set? 

Actually, Babes gave me specifications but I hand-selected all the wardrobe, so naturally I kind of loved all of it. My special favorite was definitely Episode 4’s leather-accented dress. The whole look was killer, but also I was obsessed with the super cute pale blue swimsuit! Oh and those gray thigh-high boots. YUM.

Lena Paul babes
Photo – Babes (One of Everything)

The first two episodes of Lena Paul’s ‘One of Everything’ are available now on Babes.

If you have questions for Lena Paul and they were not answered in this interview, you can ask her yourself on Thursday April 19th. 

At 10 am PST, Lena Paul will be taking over the Babes Twitter to answer all your questions. So follow @Babes on Twitter and get your questions for Lena Paul ready.

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