An Exclusive Interview With The Cast of ‘Bad Girl Justice’

Abigal Mac, Casey Calvert and Ivy Wolfe talk about their new, four-part Babes series
Babes Bad Girl Justice
Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)

Hot off the success of ‘One of Everything’ starring Lena Paul, Babes is back with a brand-new series all about sex, revenge, justice and taboo rendezvous. 

The new four-part series, titled ‘Bad Girl Justice’ and starring Abigail Mac, Casey Calvert, Elena Koshka and Ivy Wolfe, tells the story of a notorious playboy professor and the intense and intelligent women with whom his life intersects.

Victoria Nachos, the scriptwriter for ‘Bad Girl Justice,’ caught up with a few of the stars for an exclusive interview about the shoot.

How do you prepare for scenes with heavier storylines?

Abigail Mac: I always read through the script, get a feel for my character, and study my lines.

Casey Calvert: Just like scenes with lighter storylines, I read my script the night before, learn my lines, and try to do the best job I can.

Ivy Wolfe: I read it all quite a bit the day before and make sure I have a strong handle on the storyline.

Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)

How do you think having a female scriptwriter affects the scripts (if at all)?

Ivy Wolfe: I think a female scriptwriter just makes things more from a woman’s perspective.

Casey Calvert: I think female scriptwriters bring a really nice vibe to the story. Sometimes they make things more realistic, but not always. Sometimes I didn’t know it was a female scriptwriter until she interviews me about it…

Abigail Mac: I think it does tremendously! The female perspective on sex is very different from a man’s and it really shows in the writing.

Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)

Is there a particular style of sex you prefer in your scenes? In your personal life?

Casey Calvert: I don’t know if there’s a specific style of sex that I prefer, so to speak. For my scenes, I just love performing, being the exhibitionist that I am. In my personal life, it all depends on the person I’m banging.

Abigail Mac: Whenever I have sex, I like it to be real. I don’t care if it’s pretty or planned. I want to feed off the sexuality of my partner and explore our sexual desires.

Ivy Wolfe: I don’t prefer any certain type of sex in my scenes. Variety is the spice of life and my job let’s me explore all sorts of sex and that’s what I love about it.

What attributes do you value most in male performers?

Ivy Wolfe: Genuine. Kind. Considerate.

Abigail Mac: I love an open mind. Someone who isn’t afraid to try new things and laugh if it doesn’t work out. Sex should always be fun.

Casey Calvert: Cleanliness, professionalism, and a nice c*ck.

Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)

What types of storylines do you find the hottest?

Abigail Mac: I love the old storyline where two people in love cannot be together but fight for one another. The sappier the better.

Casey Calvert: The ones we aren’t allowed to shoot.

Ivy Wolfe: I love DD/LG, sneaky sex, anything really heavy and emotional combined with sexual.

Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)

The feature brings up the question of whether there’s a difference between justice and revenge: Have you ever exacted revenge on someone, was justice served and did it make you feel better afterwards?

Casey Calvert: I wish I had the balls to enact revenge on someone! Man, now I feel inadequate and stuff, not able to answer this question.

Ivy Wolfe: I’ve never really exacted revenge on anyone.

Abigail Mac: I have had times in my life where I wanted to exact revenge but I have never acted on it. I am the type where if you burn me, you are no longer part of my life. Karma usually takes care of the rest.

What kinds of realistic fantasies would you like to see more of on Babes (and porn in general)?

Ivy Wolfe: Hard to say but I think I’d like more genuine porn where they take a magic wand to a new girl who hasn’t yet had many “different” experiences and make her climax all over the place like an exorcist doll.

Abigail Mac: For some reason, for years I have had this fantasy of banging the mail guy. It’s not really realistic but I can’t get it out of my head. I also get a lot of packages so that might be why.

Casey Calvert: The fantasies with me in them!

Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)

What was your favorite moment filming Bad Girl Justice? 

Abigail Mac: Seducing Ivy was up there. Probably because she is so dreamy and hilarious. Also, when I had to lip sync the song in the bar. I felt so awkward but I love being in uncomfortable situations. I can’t wait to see it!

Casey Calvert: My favorite part has to be when I got to knock over the vase and make a huge mess and break the glass. So much fun. I could have done that all day.

Ivy Wolfe: My favorite thing about filming Bad Girl Justice was the hilarious and stupid things Abigail was whispering in my ear the whole time. Her goofy personality made her so, so hot. Even hotter than she already is. It made for a wetter and better scene.

‘Bad Girl Justice’ is available exclusively on Babes now. 

Photo – Babes (Bad Girl Justice)