Digital Playground Mystifies Audiences With Newest Gaming Parody ‘The Bewitcher’

Premium adult entertainment brand envelops audience in beautiful narrative set in Wales

The adult industry’s renowned parody brand, DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, has unveiled its most recent feature series titled: The Bewitcher: A DP XXX Parody.

In the 4-part series, Danny D embarks on a quest to restore peace to Vulvia – no foe can deter him from unsheathing his legendary blade to deliver sweet release.

Starring A-list DIGITAL PLAYGROUND performers Ella Hughes, Olive Glass, Clea Gaultier, and Danny D, the series synopsis explores the quest of troublesome, famed monster hunter, Gerald of Vulvia.

“He’s always on the hunt for his three favorite things: money, combat, and – most important of all – the loving arms of every woman he meets. When Gerald stumbles into a seemingly abandoned village, he begins a quest that brings him more than he bargained for. Luckily for Gerald, he can work his way out of, or into, any tight spot!”

Photo – Digital Playground (The Bewitcher)

DIGITAL PLAYGROUND performer, Ella Hughes, expressed her excitement with the series’ release:

“Working on The Bewitcher was really cool! I love performing in parodies, especially ones with a huge following/fan base surrounding it. I loved the costumes and location the most. The location was a beautiful manor from 1100s – it was one of a kind that I probably would never have known about if it wasn’t for The Bewitcher.

The greatest challenge for me was figuring out how to get out of my costume during sex! It was very fiddly, as there were so many components to it.

Another challenge was acting with SFX [special effects] – my character had the ability to conjure fire, so for one scene, I had to heat a bathtub with fire. It’s hard to act when you can’t see it actually happening, and it’s always a worry to see how it looks and if it looks convincing.”

Photo – Digital Playground (The Bewitcher)

Olive Glass, Hughes’ DIGITAL PLAYGROUND co-star, echoed her excitement:

The Bewitcher was an amazing adventure for me. I got to visit the absolutely beautiful countryside of Wales, live in an ancient monastery, and dress up in a beautiful sorceress costume every day— it was dreamy! I had such a fun time with the crew, and enjoyed every second working and hanging out with them. I was sad to leave.

I loved my character’s long sexy black hair, but OH MY GOD I was so happy to take that wig off on the last day of filming! It was itchy and the long hairs got everywhere. It was going to drive me nuts. It really reaffirmed my decision to keep my hair short.”

When asked what the brand enjoyed most about watching the production come to life, Lead Scriptwriter, Mona Moan said:

“The production and post-production teams did such an amazing job with this parody, and it’s hard to choose just a few moments. If I had to pick a few: Gerald’s fight with the sexually-ravenous ghost (dildo knives and all), poor Gerald getting shunted through a portal (his favorite), as well as the big finale sex scene everyone will have to wait for!”

The Bewitcher: A DP XXX Parody is available March 10 on Digital Playground for all fans of quests and supernatural comings – and goings.

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