Brazzers and SSUR Release ‘ADULT MATERIALS’ Streetwear Collection

Limited edition collection inspired by adult film of the 1970s & 80s New York
Photo – Brazzers x SSUR (‘Adult Materials’ streetwear collection)

Brazzers, the world’s leading premium adult entertainment brand, and SSUR, the renowned streetwear brand from Russ Karablin, today unveiled the ‘Adult Materials’ streetwear collection, which will be made available for purchase on Saturday, December 8th. The collection will be dropping on, on and in-store at SSUR Los Angeles.

Inspired by the adult films of New York City in the 1970s and 1980s, the collection evokes the grittiness of the period while remaining timeless for urban dwellers today. ‘Adult Materials’ pieces range from $30-$250, the collection includes high-top sneakers, a latex raincoat, an all-over print jogging suit, a velour sweatsuit, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, joggers, socks, an unstructured strapback hat, and a disposable camera.

Photo – Brazzers x SSUR (‘Adult Materials’ streetwear collection)

One stand-out item is The Brazzers x SSUR High-Top Sneaker, a subtly branded statement piece that inspired the collection as a whole. Only 150 pairs will be available to the 18+ public through this extremely limited release.

Photo – Brazzers x SSUR (‘Adult Materials’ streetwear collection)

Every item in the ‘Adult Materials’ collection was designed to provide fashionable, everyday comfort while making a subversive statement – you can check out each item in the ‘Adult Materials’ digital lookbook. With streetwear taking over the fashion industry, Brazzers and SSUR knew this was a collection they wanted to bring to their audiences. The subtlety of some of the pieces are a teaser for the badasses wearing the collection who will receive knowing smirks and a wink from passersby who are familiar with either brand.

Photo – Brazzers x SSUR (‘Adult Materials’ streetwear collection)

“‘Adult Materials’ was created as a way for Brazzers to explore the fashion industry and leave a memorable footprint with SSUR, a streetwear brand that we are big fans of,” said Brazzers Marketing Director Gary Ticher. “We approached SSUR to collaborate as the brands have aligned aesthetics and an affinity for adult entertainment. Together, we could not be more pumped to see streetwear fanatics around the world sporting items from the collection.”

The collection will be extremely limited. To purchase an item from the collection, buyers must be 18 years or older. The ‘Adult Materials’ collection will be available to purchase on Dec. 8th.

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