Brazzers Releases Ivanka Drumpf and Dr. Ben Carsen Sex Scene

Latest ZZ Erection scene portrays the couple following Trump vs. Clinton parody debate.
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Photo – Brazzers (ZZ Erection-Part 2)

[Update below, watch the complete ZZ Erection series SFW trailer at the end of this article].

Today, BRAZZERS announces the release of the second scene in its ZZ Erection series featuring none other than the parodied figures of Ivanka Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.

ZZ Erection-Part 2 takes place after Ivanka faints from shock at the Drumpf versus Clayton presidential debate (ZZ Erection-Part 1). Upon fainting she is brought backstage to receive immediate care from ex-Republican presidential nominee, Dr. Ben Carter. The scene features Nikki Benz as Ivanka Drumpf (reprising her 1999 dark hair look) and Isiah Maxwell as the enigmatic Dr. Ben Carter.

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Photo – Brazzers (ZZ Erection-Part 2)

ZZ Erection-Part 2 is now available on BRAZZERS for Republicans, Democrats, and anyone interested in finally watching Ivanka Drumpf’s sex scene with the Internet’s favorite doctor and ex-Republican presidential nominee.

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What do you think of ZZ Erection-Part 2? Let us know! In case you haven’t seen part 1 (Hillary vs. Donald) we’ve got you covered.

(UPDATE) Here’s the full series trailer!

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