Brazzers Releases Feature ‘C*ck of Duty XXX Parody’ First-Person Shooter Parody

Leading premium adult site brings out the big guns in FPS parody scene
Photo – Brazzers (C*ck of Duty XXX Parody)

The industry’s leading premium porn brand, BRAZZERS, has just released C*ck of Duty XXX Parody, a parody inspired by the first-person shooter gaming style.

When danger strikes, the ZZ Military counter-strikes as a unit of ZZ soldiers are deployed deep in enemy territory on a mission to extract fellow soldier, Danny D (Oversnatch XXX Parody), who is in possession of a very special package. The unit, led by Commander Monique Alexander (Ghostbusters XXX Parody), in company of explosions specialist Jasmine Jae (Storm of Kings XXX Parody), and support operations Stella Cox, must escort Danny and ‘the package’ to the extraction point. But as the unit approaches the extraction point, they’re faced with the reality of their situation: they’re taking modern warfare…to space?

Here’s the OFFICIAL trailer for your viewing pleasure:

BRAZZERS Public Relations Manager, Matt Stevens comments:

“With C*ck of Duty XXX Parody, we aimed to replicate that feeling you get when you’re stuck in an enemy’s spawn point with your (not-so-covert) flashy customized weapon class, as your friends come to escort you back to base to complete the game mode objective. The games many of us experienced in the prime of our youth were revolutionary first-person shooter games. With the remastering of some of our favorite games this season, we were motivated to relive those amazing moments we had, prompting us to adopt a different perspective when filming this scene.”

We threw in customized weapons, tanks, explosions, stunts, tons of enemies and unique military locations, even spaceships because you know, apparently modern warfare is destined to become space warfare.

Below is a scene from the TEASER trailer:

Additional photos and screenshots from the scene:

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