Brazzers Releases SFW Commercial To Save You From Getting KILLED On Black Friday

The leading premium adult site provides simple solution to potential injuries from Black Friday retail hysteria.

This Black Friday, the industry’s leading premium adult brand, BRAZZERS is launching a Black Friday sale steep enough to encourage consumers to stay inside, helping them save money, and save them from injury. This year, BRAZZERS’ featured sale item is the Yearly Membership, discounted up to 80% off.

If it’s not physical injury, it’s one’s pride and faith in humanity that risks injury after witnessing Black Friday hysteria as consumers behave erratically when surrounded by deals on soon-to-be-outdated electronics. According to statistics gathered from National Geographic and,

Photo – blackfridaydeathcount | Last updated: 11/22/2016

Americans are more likely to die from injuries during Black Friday than from a shark attack.

Deaths from shark attacks average about one fatal attack every two years, which is less than the number of fatalities occurring on Black Friday when compared to the total number of fatalities since the start date of the tally in 2006.

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Photo – Brazzers (SFW Commercial)

Inspired by this shocking fact, BRAZZERS created a safe-for-work commercial starring BRAZZERS contract stars, Nikki Benz and Danny D. The commercial illustrates the madness of Black Friday retail hysteria by contrasting the yearly horrific scenes with the tranquility of purchasing a membership on BRAZZERS in the comfort and safety of one’s own home.

BRAZZERS Product Director, Mario Nardstein comments:

“Why would you go out and risk some pretty major injuries for a TV that’s going to be outdated in a year or so? If you’re seriously that anxious to spend money on something that only lasts a year, why not get a membership on Brazzers. At least it won’t literally bust your nut.”

The discount during BRAZZERS’ Black Friday sale is up to 80% off and can be pre-accessed today before the arrival of Black Friday. Consider it an early holiday gift for a family member who might get injured shopping for you this Black Friday. The sale will continue into Cyber Monday.




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