Brazzers Releases Clown Horror Scene Amidst Influx Of Clown Appearances

First, clowns in the street. Now, clowns in the sheets.
Photo – Brazzers (I Had The Strangest Dream Last NightSFW Trailer)

The industry’s leading premium porn brand, Brazzers, has released the official trailer to a horrifying clown scene entitled I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night. The scene is inspired by multiple clowns, those who have heavily influenced the horror genre, as well as the cosplaying craze that’s ‘making Halloween great again’.

The film’s synopsis is rather unsettling:

Movie starlet Veruca James lays in bed restlessly tossing and turning. Journey through her mind to a massage appointment where Veruca encounters a peculiar clown who purports to “eat the dreams of men”. As a dream-eater, and wicked massage therapist, this clown has greater plans for the starlet than a simple massage. Veruca has only to wake up before he can consume her soul.

Photo – Brazzers (I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night – SFW Trailer)

We spoke exclusively with the Public Relations Manager, Matt Stevens, of Brazzers to get a glimpse into the charismatic clown of the series: “The Dreameater”

The Dreameater is of course, a clown, but his habits and affinities are a composite of horror characters that have been immortalized in American horror film culture. One notable reference would be his presence in dreams similar to the existence of Freddy Kreuger. Further reference is given to the iconic Pennywise in terms of costuming. Regarding acting, he spouts rather whimsical limericks, along the lines of the Leprechaun character in Leprechaun, the comedy-horror series.

You can check out the trailer here and remember, if you see a clown, you’re probably not dreaming. WARNING: For those with a phobia of clowns, this trailer is not for you.

Below are some stills of our favorite moments in the trailer!

clown6 clown5 clown4 clown2

Written by Blake Fraser

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