These Are The Most Bizarre Searches By Canadians On Brazzers In 2017

Oh Canada…


Now that that’s out of the way, the industry’s leading premium porn brand, BRAZZERS, in collaboration with us here at Trendzz, has just released the most bizarre searches conducted on Brazzers by Canadian members.

In a special year-end recap with BRAZZERS, we asked about the most shocking, double-take worthy searches conducted by Canadians on BRAZZERS this year. Upon a deep dive into the data, here are some of the most noteworthy findings.

Note: to be classified as ‘bizarre’ the search terms had to stand out as being infrequently, if at all, used on site and in scenes.

Caution, some of the following search terms may be considered vulgar.

Of all Canadian provinces, the 8 provinces with the most vulgar searches by far are: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia. Each province itself has at least two unique keywords that were most searched on site above all other provinces.

Ontario was the province with the most unique bizarre search terms that would make you double-take, including keywords like: ‘amish’, ‘coach’, ‘credit card’, ‘grandma’, ‘hipster’ and ‘emo’.

Quebec follows in second place with the most unique bizarre search terms like: ‘granny’, ‘french booty’, ‘syrup’ and ‘olive oil’.

In third place we find Manitoba with: ‘food truck’, ‘meat rocket’, ‘sandal’ and ‘shoe’.

Yes, ‘sandal’, singular. Manitoba is searching for their sandal, if anyone has found it, please let them know. And don’t get me started on ‘Meat Rocket’…

I guess it’s also fair to say that Quebecers get themselves into sticky situations with all those ‘syrup’-y searches. Must yield some pretty sweet results.

However, the biggest accomplishment goes to Ontarians for spending the most amount of time on Brazzers out of all Canadians! That’s one heck of a feat, gosh darn it.

When it comes to search trends that stand out above the rest, Canadians are seemingly more interested in ‘mother lesbians’, ‘hipster’ and ‘fisting’ this year. Conversely, the biggest decline in searches goes to ‘police’ and ‘milking’ which decreased by 53% and 22% respectively since last year.

Finally, we’ve come to our “angels” list. These provinces and territories are listed in no particular order and had no, if any, bizarre search terms.

What are some of the most bizarre searches you’ve ever conducted on an adult entertainment site? Let us know! If you’re looking for even more bizarre stuff, here’s what Americans searched for last year!

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