Brooke and Brittany Benz become Twistys’ February ‘Treat Of The Month’

The duo will be the first two-person ‘Treat’ ever featured on Twistys
Photo – Twistys (Treat of the Month: Brooke and Brittany Benz)

Double-trouble on Twistys this February

Every month Twistys unveils their ‘Treat of the Month’ to celebrate a performer, or two in this case, by shooting scenes tailored for their spotlighted performers. The Benz duo have a unique spot in Twistys ‘Treat of the Month’ history and in their fans’ hearts as they share the spotlight this February in a specially tailored scene.

Photo – Twistys (Treat of the Month: Brooke and Brittany Benz)

How does it feel to now be a member of the exclusive Twistys ‘Treat of the Month’ club?

Brooke: It feels awesome and I’m honored to be one of the Treats of the Month! my p*ssy has butterflies honestly.

Brittany: I’m still in shock! It’s such an amazing opportunity and I feel special that Twistys chose us.

What’s your favorite part about shooting with Twistys?

Brooke: My favorite part of set was […] slipping in the bath and being able to be ourselves and have fun and my FIRST EVER G/G EXPERIENCE!!

Brittany: My favorite part of the scene was [Brooke] falling off the couch during her photoshoot and when Brooke and I had to say the same thing at the same time it took us like 10 takes.

Photo – Twistys (Treat of the Month: Brooke and Brittany Benz)

‘Treats of the Month’ are chosen for their “It” factor. In your eyes, what’s your “It” factor?

Brooke: I would say my it factor is my phat ass and my personality I bring squats, twerking and a good laugh to the table , super excited we got to be the FIRST EVER DOUBLE TREAT OF THE MONTH C*M AND GET A TASTE.

Brittany: I’d say my dedication to my cam room and my fans # BOOTYGANG as well as my butterybubblebutt would be my “it” factor.

You can catch the duo in their ‘Treat of the Month’ scene on Twistys this February.

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