Babes’ ‘The Sessions’ Returns to Push the Boundaries of Intimacy

Is this what happens to behind the closed doors of a therapist office?
Babes the Sessions Abella Danger
Photo – Babes (The Sessions: Part 4)

Is there anything more taboo than sitting in on a session between a therapist and a patient? A therapist’s office is a sacred place where, among other things, confidential conversations take place. To be a fly on the wall in this most intimate setting is boundary few would cross, but Babes’ new episodes of The Sessions dives head first into patients exploring their sexuality with their therapists.

Back in March, Babes released a three episode series starring Mary Moody, Ryan Keely, Rachel Starr, Jaye Summers, Xander Corvus and Isiah Maxwell, to instant acclaim. Thanks to overwhelming support for their depictions of passionate sex in one of the most sacred settings imaginable, The Sessions is back to push the boundaries even further.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the brand new episodes of The Sessions starring Abella Danger, Britney Amber, Maya Kendrick, Misty Stone, Jason Brown and Jay Smooth.

Abella Danger and the unorthodox approach

Abella Danger the Sessions
Photo – Babes (The Sessions: Part 4)

In part 4, Abella brings her boyfriend Mike to see her therapist Jason Brown to try to work out the issues in their relationship. Abella’s biggest complaint is that her man doesn’t satisfy her in the bedroom, and soon it becomes clear that Jason knows a lot more about what this stunner likes than a therapist should!

Abella asks Jason to show Mike a thing or two, and the ebony stud takes the very unorthodox approach of letting her suck him off right in front of her man! When she starts riding Jason reverse cowgirl, Mike walks out, but Abella never wants this session to end!

Britney Amber and Maya Kendrick find sexual healing

The Sessions Britney Amber Maya Kendrick
Photo – Babes (The Sessions: Part 5)

In part 5, Maya is struggling with her unrequited feelings for another woman that drive her to unhealthy extremes, like spying on her home at night. Maya’s therapist Britney hasn’t managed to curb these tendencies through traditional methods, so she proposes a course of transference therapy: switching Maya’s romantic and sexual focus from her crush to Britney herself!

Maya observes her gorgeous blonde therapist undressing through the window, and at their next sessions she’s ready to act on her feelings by making her therapist and find true sexual healing…

Misty Stone knows just what he needs

Misty Stone in The Sessions by Babes
Photo – Babes (The Sessions: Part 6)

In part 6, therapist Misty Stone tries to help her client Jay Smooth find a way to satisfy his sexual needs when his wife has lost all interest in intimacy. Jay has tried to clear communication about his desires, but it hasn’t worked, so Misty tells him it’s time to take what he wants another way…

As his therapist, she knows just what he needs, but not even Misty realized just how much pent-up sexual frustration Jay had until she feels him deep inside her!

The Sessions parts 4 – 6 can be exclusively found on Babes this week.  

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