Athena Palomino is Mofos’ May ‘MFX-Factor’

The electric up-and-comer is set to stun.
Athena Palomino MFX Factor Mofos
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Athena Palomino)

Athena Palomino, one of the most exciting new starlets in the industry, is set to make her Mofos debut in spectacular fashion as May’s MFX-Factor. 

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Athena Palomino is the textbook definition of a Southern belle. It’s virtually impossible to choose one favorite thing about her, which is why she is yet another home run for Mofos’ MFX-Factor.

Trendzz spoke to Roger Thoters, Mofos’ Marketing Director, about the latest addition to the MFX-Factor family. Here’s what they had to say about Athena Palomino.

What inspired you to choose Athena Palomino for this month’s MFX-Factor?

“We had been looking forward to working with Athena for some time now, and as MFX is a showcase for hot up-and-comers, we jumped at the opportunity to shoot her as our next MFX girl.

Athena is stunningly beautiful, has a great personality, and is a talented performer, making it an easy decision for our team.”

Athena Palomino Mofos
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Athena Palomino)

Athena’s MFX-Factor scene plays off her supermodel physique. 

The scene starts with a photographer meeting Athena at her home, who is excited for her first professional photo shoot for a modeling agency. The photographer snaps pictures of her in a couple of outfits in her scenic backyard, and eventually encourages her to show off more of her incredible body.

Things escalate from there, and their mutual attraction culminates with them engaging in some hot sex in the backyard, before Athena’s neighbors come home, leading the two to the bedroom for the grand finale.

Athena Palomino Mofos
Photo – Mofos (MFX-Factor: Athena Palomino)

What will fans love about Athena Palomino’s upcoming Mofos scene?

“It’s difficult to pick just one part when she did such a great job performing throughout,” Thoters said.

“The moment when the photographer asks her if she’s ever considered filming ‘extra stuff’ creates a very hot transition to sex. Athena can’t help but feel flattered by the photographer’s advances, but she’s shy and wary of the prospect of doing anything inappropriate in her backyard. However, she can’t resist his compliments and advances for too long, and from there, things get really steamy!”

Athena’s MFX-Factor will be available exclusively on Mofos Friday, May 4th.