Here’s How You Should Have Sex with Alexis Fawx

The busty MILF tells all in this exclusive interview.
Alexis Fawx MILF
Photo – Brazzers

With Mother’s Day fast-approaching, we wanted to find out once and for all what it takes to have mind-blowing sex with MILFs. That’s why we sat down with Alexis Fawx to ask her all the most pressing questions about satisfying MILFs.

How have your turn-ons changed since you started performing?

Maybe not so much turn-ons that have changed, I’m more confident and know my body better now–that makes a world of difference. [Like Tantric sex], it’s the difference between “just sex” and “passionate, pleasure f*cking.”

What is something you’ve always found sexy?

A man or a woman that is well read; someone with humility and a sense of humor; how that person carries themselves. You can be the hottest person physically, however you can’t eat makeup and expect to be beautiful. A little [character] goes a long way.

What have you grown to appreciate in the bedroom?

Keeping the lights on!

Alexis Fawx MILF
Photo – Brazzers

Younger men or younger women?

I tend to go for same age or older men. As for women, I like them either the same age or younger.

What are your thoughts on dirty talk? What do you want to hear when you’re being dirty talked to?

I love dirty talk! I especially love it when my lover tells me he wants to c*m in my p*ssy.

What type of porn have you been watching lately?

I’ve been really into gangbangs and DP videos.

What’s the best way to build sexual chemistry with a partner?

Communication. Being utterly honest is the best thing for sexual chemistry. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner, whoever they are, about your desires, fantasies, etc. And as a partner, be open and listen too.

What’s one thing you know about sex now that you wish you knew when you were just starting?

How to receive more than to give.

Alexis Fawx MILF
Photo – Brazzers

Which one of your erogenous zones is most often overlooked?

There are a few, fortunately. Clavicle, neck, ears–no tonguing it though–earlobes. Stomach! I love getting my stomach kissed. Slow down, take your time. Inner thighs and the area around the p*ssy without touching it. I like to be teased.

What’s your favorite thing to do during foreplay?

I love oral! Sucking c*ck is so fun. I get wet from it! I love pleasing my partner. [When it comes to women] worshipping the p*ssy is the best!

What advice do you have for the moms out there that are curious about trying new things in the bedroom?

Ask the professionals! Don’t be afraid to email your favorite porn star to ask a specific question. We have so many tips and secrets of the trade! Masturbate, get a mirror and appreciate yourself! Or, I can come over and show you how it’s done.

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