Adult Gaming Gets A Modern Makeover With The Launch Of Nutaku’s Desktop Client Beta

Mature gamers around the world can now download the ‘Nutaku client’ for free, facilitating improved access to the platform’s most coveted titles.
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Today, the adult online gaming portal, Nutaku, is delighted to announce the worldwide release of its desktop client beta, a step towards refining user accessibility to the platform’s extensive library of adult titles.

The people are speaking, Nutaku is listening

Following the announcement of Nutaku’s partnership with Kimochi in July 2016, the platform has since overhauled the client user experience allowing players to access Nutaku’s full library of games, including all their free-to-play and premium titles. The initiative is part of Nutaku’s ongoing pursuit to take center stage next to Steam in the adult gaming space.

Photo – Nutaku

For a one-stop source to all free and premium games, users can download the Nutaku application right onto their desktop. Players can choose, purchase, and access titles from a broad catalogue that hosts a diverse range of anime sex games, all within the application. Furthermore, players can update their downloadable games though the client, while maintaining a well-organized selection within the client library.

“We’re elated to announce the optimized client, catered towards our platform and our users’ needs. This opens the door for us into providing more options for our community, and to expose our players to higher quality titles. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline including something for mobile and console gamers as we prepare for the global launch of the client.”

– Julie Hall, Communications Manager.

Photo – Nutaku

Strength in Numbers

The platform’s user base has already surpassed 20 million registered gamers, and aims to grow its clientele through promising an unhindered user experience. With a position secured among the global market leaders in eroge, Nutaku constantly strives to reinvent engaging, adult gameplay.

During the beta phase, players are encouraged to check out the client and give feedback to help improve the user experience before releasing the final product. The client can be downloaded on Nutaku via the desktop app downloads.

Written by TRENDZZ

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