Nutaku Launches First-Ever Independent LGBTQ+ Games Section

The expansion comes with the debut of the first-ever, Gay free-to-play games on Nutaku, ‘Men Bang’ and ‘Gay Harem’.
Photo – Nutaku (LGBTQ+ Games Section)

A first of its kind for gaming platforms

Celebrating diversity in the gaming community, 18+ online gaming portal, Nutaku, is proud to announce the release of a brand new LGBTQ+ Games section on its website. In addition to the existing collection of over 200 adult titles, the gaming platform inaugurates this independent section with the launch of two steamy titles. The casual clicker title, Men Bang, is the first game created in partnership with MEN, the world’s leading gay adult site. In addition to Men Bang, Nutaku will be launching action/adventure game, Gay Harem made by the same developers who created the popular title, Harem Heroes.

Photo – Nutaku (Men Bang)

The Gay Games section on Nutaku will host a wide range of exclusive adult games, catering to a broader audience of gamers than ever before. This exclusive section will provide the gay gaming community with a functional space where they can enjoy erotic content and high quality gameplay on the mature platform.

“The adult games currently available to the LGBTQ+ community are low quality, so we saw an opportunity to improve the current content available to 18+ gamers.”

Says Ben Faccio, Product Manager at Nutaku. “We’ve been working to make our platform more inclusive, and this release is the first major step towards that goal. We are excited to collaborate with MEN to bring Men Bang to life. The game boasts vibrant artwork and high-quality gameplay. Something that can be enjoyed by the MEN community, and gaymers alike.”

The all-embracing approach by the online gaming portal gives players an enhanced and immersive lewd gaming experience. In addition to Men Bang, Nutaku is also releasing Gay Harem, a casual action/adventure title offering up engaging, high-quality graphics.

Photo – Nutaku (Men Bang)

What is Men Bang?

This free-to-play dating sim gaming experience is all about disguise and seduction, featuring 15 animated versions of real life gay talents including; William Seed, Johnny Rapid, Diego Sans, Ryan Bones, Paddy O’Brian, and Beaux Banks. You can take the role of a casting agent, film director, masseur along with many other fake jobs as you work your magic. Shoot professional films and make money off your art. With Men Bang, players can make their way to the top as a self-made Casanova. Members of MEN’s website will be able to enjoy a familiar roster of talent within the context of this enticing, animated game.


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