YouTube Has A Serious Problem With ‘Pick Up Artists’ And ‘Pranksters’

It’s an epidemic. Sort of.

Ever felt like your ‘game’ was in need of some serious revamping? If so, don’t waste your time with the cornucopia of so-called infield game reports and pick up pranks that litter YouTube. While on the surface, these videos seem authentic (and impressive, check out the chicks some of these guys pull!), plenty of them—we’re sorry to inform you—are totally fake.

I should preface here as well, that PrankInvasion and VitalyHDTV are only two examples used as they best exemplify the Kissing and Pick Up pranks that have been most successful – and controversial – on YouTube and across the Internet; having even called each other out in separate videos.

Look, at one point or another we all go through a dry spell. It’s natural. That said, don’t fall for the grease so-called PUAs (pick up artists) and dating coaches are slinging over YouTube to build a rep in the seduction community and make money out of your scarcity of strange. Time isn’t easy to get back, as anyone who’s moved out of mom and dad’s house knows, so it shouldn’t be wasted on some fraudulent ‘pick up artist’ who claims he can get you deep inside the mouths of some spicy mamacitas.

I don’t want to point any fingers here, or name any names—so just take a look for yourself. Open YouTube and search “infield game report”, “kissing prank”, or any derivation thereof. Let the BS wash over you.

Photo – VitalyHDTV | YouTube

Production Quality (is pretty damn good… for a hidden, moving camera)

First thing: notice the high production quality of plenty of these videos? And how is it that a supposed PUA is being trailed by a guy with a camera, mic, and other camera equipment without the girl ever noticing? Trust me, I’ve been on-set for a TV shoot before, and even the most stripped down shoot requires plenty of other players, like producers (location agreements, performance releases need to be signed for any shoot), lighting people, grips… It would be horrendously naïve to believe some slicked up bro doused in cologne with a camera in tow wouldn’t be noticed by an unsuspecting babe.

The Women are pretty darn good looking – all the time

This brings me to point number two: yes, plenty of the chicks in infield reports are attractive, but most of them are actually actors or models being paid to perform (some even have profiles on Model Mayhem, listing their on-cam infield experiences to boot). You’re not watching some spontaneous Lothario putting the moves on a waifish ingénue. No, you’re watching a performance, and it’s meant to fool you with the ultimate aim of taking your hard-earned cheddar and/or boosting web traffic. Hell, ever noticed that in some of these videos the audio is coming in loud and clear? It’s because both parties, the woman included, are mic’d up.

Prank channels in general have been exposed by many large YouTubers – one such YouTuber being Gradeaundera in which he tackles the ‘PRANKS GONE VIOLENT’ trend to a ‘T’.

The ‘Fakeness’ is Cringeworthy

The thing with plenty of these infield and ‘kissing prank’ (speaking of which, what actually is the prank?) videos, as with most “reality media” out there, is that they’re untrue. A lot of it is highly produced and highly contrived; its end purpose? Boosting hits or building up credibility so that you end up paying for an absurd retreat or program that likely won’t teach you a thing about improving your luck with the fairer sex. In other words, all of it’s a scam.

Of course. It’s either they’re hocking products or ‘patented techniques’, like “my super secret special handshake method” (Prank Invasion), to get some of that sweet YouTube cash off of your views and shares.

Want to know why this is BS? Because if you tried them, the prank would be on you.

If you actually try any of these ‘tricks’ or games in public, you’re bound to get a good ol’ right hand across the face or fine for public indecency.

Photo – Screencap by H3H3 | PrankInvasion — h3h3 reaction video

My take?

If you’ve been unlucky with the ladies, try online dating or join some friends out for a night on the town where you can really interact with beautiful women – in real life. Don’t waste your time with delusional charlatans who’re better at pulling money from your pocket than getting numbers from random women.

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Written by Hugh Jasse

An eloquent soul, a lover of women, fine wine, and travel. I can often be spotted aboard a skiff in Santorini, catching rays and artfully plucking at my lute.