Xander Corvus On His Directorial Debut And Playing The Devil In ‘Cindy Queen Of Hell’

It’s Hell playing The Devil.
Photo – The Devil interpreted in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny/ YouTube

The figure of Satan, or The Devil if you prefer, has been portrayed a plethora of ways ever since religious societies have needed a villain to explain the evils of the world. Most popularly in Hollywood films, The Devil appears as the king of rock and metal music (thanks especially to the deliciously entertaining iteration from Tenacious D). In Cindy Queen of Hell, the newest feature flic from top-searched Brazzers male talent, Xander Corvus, and the mind behind Burning Angel, Joanna Angel, we are brought back to that iconic form of The Devil as the king of rock – with a twist. We talked to Corvus who was able to reveal this about the film, and what it was like to portray The Devil on screen.

Corvus explains that the film revolves around his 21 year old daughter who is destined to become the Queen of the Underworld:

It’s a coming of age tale, about a normal young woman finding out she is actually princess of a magical land. Her father the king has been away for 21 years and wants to give over the kingdom to his heiress that she may rule a queen. Also the kingdom is Hell and her father is Lucifer. So there’s that.

Photo – Burning Angel (Cindy Queen of Hell)

Hell is an interesting setting for the film, how did you and Joanna come up with the concept?

Well it all stemmed from Joanna wanting me to write a scene with a satanic ritual in it and of course I went off the deep end end with it.

What were your inspirations for the film?

Well, it’s seems there’s a bit of Little Nicky with a dash of Queen of the Damned and some South Park Hell in there now that I’m thinking about it.

Photo – Burning Angel (Cindy Queen of Hell)

We see you as the front-man for a demonic band in a music video cut from the movie, what role did you play? What made you perfect for that role?

I played Lucifer [The Devil], Cindy’s father. The Ninth Circle band came up on Halloween to play in the 80’s which is when Cindy was conceived. What made me perfect for the role? I was born for this role. 😈

How was it being a producer/director for the film with this being your directorial debut?

It was a kick ass experience. Joanna and the Burning Angel crew have been great friends over the years, I couldn’t have had a better team to pull this off. Being my directorial debut I’m glad it was with good friends and people passionate about making a cool and different movie.

The music in the video is pretty badass, what was the process of creating it like?

Writing the song (“Wake up in Hell”) was just in Joanna’s and Small Hands’ living room with a couple amps and guitars. I wrote the lyrics and vocal melody on set (after listening to a lot of 80’s Goth jams) and we jammed the rest out together that day, haha! The performance itself was made lovely by Mike Quasar, Stef Onzo and Shaun’s lighting. We wanted an 80’s goth, Sister of Mercy with a bit of The Crow‘s grit to it.

How did you choose the cast? What made you choose certain talent for their roles?

Well I knew the Burning Angel regulars and their acting abilities pretty well. They tend to be looked over because of the “Alt Look” and tattoos, but they are a gold mine of talent and skill. Leigh Raven has great comic timing and nails the cute ‘scream queen’ style. Tommy Pistol is brilliant as ever, Joanna, Small Hands and the rest definitely had there comedy hats on. Sex and humor were easy for us to tackle with our choice of performers for this one!

Photo – Burning Angel (Cindy Queen of Hell)

If you can tell us without revealing any spoilers, what is your favorite part in the movie?

Damn there’s a lot haha. ‘The Ritual’ is gold, the ‘Family Dinner In Hell’ scene was another favorite. The little moments at the dinner are fantastic lol. Also the mom and dad BDSM scene is a fun one.

What can fans look forward to the most in the movie?

A lot of wild sex and goofy humor! I mean it’s a movie about the Devil, the sex has to be worthy of Hell right?! It is. 🤘😈🤘

For those of you interested in taking an adventurous dip into Hell this Halloween, Cindy Queen of Hell is out right now on Burning Angel. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Written by Tom Wake

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