We Talked To The Men’s Site Behind The Viral “Right In Front Of My Salad” Meme

“Are you f*cking serious?!”

Who’s behind it? (yes, pun intended)

The site behind all of the “Right in front of my salad!” meme is Men.com, one of the world’s largest premium adult entertainment websites in the gay market.

… and It went viral!

Men.com goes on to say that

Over the weekend, the scene went viral inspiring those who quickly uploaded new memes to Tumblr with the iconic six words of “right in front of my salad?” Shortly after that, it became a top trending topic on Twitter and pop culture news sites also got in on the attention it was receiving.

According to a press release, the brand says:

“Men.com released Right in Front of my Salad? last week to rave reviews from our dedicated fanbase.”

The talent

Right In Front Of My Salad stars adult performers Jake Porter and Jaxton Wheeler. The scene also features the newfound gif-sensation, Mrs. Romaine, as Jaxton’s jealous wife. Needless to say, she’s outraged when Jake’s bare bottom becomes the center of the action in the kitchen. Poor Mrs. Romaine – and her salad.

A synopsis for, you know, ‘research purposes’

The scene opens with Jake arriving to cook for Jaxton and his wife and it quickly turns sexual when Jake strips down and reveals he is a naked chef. Unable to deny his attraction, Jaxton quickly takes his hole and right then his wife comes into the kitchen to catch them in the act.

Photo – Men.com (Right In Front Of My Salad)

A potential sequel in the works?

And, surprise surprise, to all you green Mrs. Romaine fans out there, she has agreed to a comeback appearance for the site in the very near future. So stay tuned! Maybe it’ll be titled Mr. Romaine’s Revenge: Lettuce Toss Your Salad. 

Written by TRENDZZ

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