Sun, Sex and EDM: How To Get Laid At EDM Festivals

I did it all for the nookie, yeah the nookie, so you can take that cookie and stick it up your… yeah.
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Newsflash: It’s summer time! – Wait, it’s almost over?! For many of us, this meant relationships/hookups and music festivals. The sun is shining and, if you’re a fan of electronic dance music, you’ve probably gone to one of the many summer festivals peppered throughout the country – and beyond. It’s a time to come together, dance to the beats of your favorite international DJs, catch some rays and if you’re lucky, get laid. Who doesn’t like to get some festival nookie? If you’re hitting up some last EDM festivals this summer and want to get laid – keep reading. 😉

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Turn to Technology 🔥

Leave it to technology to bring like-minded people together. Lucky for you, there’s a mobile dating app called Mix’d that’s serves as a sort of Tinder for the EDM scene. All you have to do is create your profile, plug in your favorite DJs and the app recommends chicks near you who are into the same style of EDM.

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Another mobile app, Radiate, lets you plug in the festivals you plan to attend and connects you with free-spirited girls who are attending the same festival and looking to hook up. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Give Out Some Goodies  🍰

It’s a numbers game. The more chicks you meet at a festival, the higher your chances of hooking up. One of the best ways to meet a lot of girls at festivals is to give out fun festival stuff. Whether you give out glow bracelets, or beads, everyone likes getting free stuff at festivals. Take a duffel bag full of goodies and scan the crowd for chicks you might be interested in. When you zero in on that cutie you’d like to ‘smash’, go over and hand out glow sticks, bracelets, or whatever it is you brought to give out. It’s the ice breaker you need to go from getting your groove on, to getting your groove on.

Please note: I am not talking about giving out anything that is ingestible. We have enough on our minds to watch out for at festivals, like being groped, that we don’t need to be taking candy from strangers, let alone worry about being drugged. Seriously. Glow sticks are enough.

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Have Girls in Your Crew 🙅

It’s like the phrase “it takes money to make money.” When it comes to festivals, it takes girls to get girls. This means going with a few girls in your crew. You know, invite the girls you know that are already off the market, or, girls who have friend-zoned you. Let them be your festival wing-women. Chicks are more likely to talk to you if you have a couple of girls in your group at the festival, as opposed to being solo, or going with a group of bros. Have the girls in your group introduce themselves to girls you’re interested in and then see about getting yourself an introduction. The girls in your group serve as your “in,” and help open the doors to getting some nookie. No guarantees though – in the end, you’re the one who’s got to do the ‘hard’ work.

In the end, if all else fails… 💯👌

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Have you had any success hooking up at EDM Festivals?

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Written by Nikki Benz

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