RedTube’s ‘Dirty Cupid’ Is Doing An AMA For Sex Questions This Valentine’s

In case you happen to have a few unanswered ‘naughty’ questions.

Ever wondered why you couldn’t get it up while you’re drunk? Maybe you seriously wonder how a condom is supposed to be put on and feel too shy to type it into your search bar and would prefer to ask a professional porn tube (if that makes sense). Maybe you genuinely relish in the confusion of others when it comes to sexual confusion and you just want to lurk around the tweets and comment sections of Twitter and YouTube all day.

If so you’re in luck. RedTube just announced that they will be hosting an AMA with their host, ‘Dirty Cupid’, on February 14th this Valentine’s Day. You can hit them up on their Twitter or YouTube accounts with the hashtag #DirtyCupid and ask them anything you want to know… almost anything.

And the questions start… NOW. Literally. You can tweet them or comment whatever your questions are as of this milisecond, and they will choose some of the best questions to answer on V-Day.

Single or not, everyone can benefit from some kickass advice on sex from an expert who hangs out with porn stars. I mean, Nicole Aniston and Abella Danger… need I say more?

If you’re interested, here is the full commercial for the Valentine’s Day campaign:

Written by TRENDZZ

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