This Adult Studio Proves You Don’t Need Big Names To Make Killer Horror Flicks

Pun intended.
Photo – Digital Playground (Lay Her Down)

Horror flicks are going to scary, new places

Adult horror flicks are rarely something you’d expect an adult entertainment company to jump on as their newest flavor for a feature series but lo-and-behold, we welcome the pleasantly steamy and dark horror-drama from A-list adult entertainment studio, Digital Playground.

The official synopsis of the dramatic horror flick:

Poor Vanessa. She never could keep her mouth shut. If she hadn’t written down all her friends’ dirty, slutty secrets – maybe, she’d still be alive! But Vanessa’s friends are too busy secretly f*cking all the wrong men to feel guilty. That is, until girls start disappearing…

Photo – Digital Playground (Lay Her Down)

New Faces, Old Tropes

Breakaway newcomer, Bailey Brooke leads a cast of amateurs and fresh faces in Lay Her Down, Digital Playground’s latest feature length film. Featuring Aubrey Rose, Carolina Sweets, Gia Paige, Mariah and Mila Marx, the film proves that you don’t need big names to make a killer flick. Pun intended.

Lead script writer at Digital Playground, Ginny Rex, commented:

One of the benefits of using girls who are new to the industry is that we, and the audience, have the opportunity to be surprised by what they can pull off on screen. As a viewer you can come to expect certain reactions, manners of speaking and behaving, from your favorite performers, but when new talent are introduced, there’s a little more suspense regarding how they will perform. And ultimately, a lot more room for them to surprise you.

Fitting, albeit, for a horror flick.

Photo – Digital Playground (Lay Her Down)

Rex went on to say:

With Lay Her Down we wanted to celebrate the camp and visual spectacle of the horror genre. So we embarked on a journey to collect a cliche roster of shots that play off typical horror tropes, in honor of some of our favorite series’ and movies.

Photo – Digital Playground (Lay Her Down)

A Hellish Finale

Culminating in a Hellish finale – literally – the series incorporates elements of light BDSM – a sort of foray into the fetish genre for DP. This portrayal of a more ‘play room’ inspired rendition of Hell inspires a new point of view when portraying Hell in adult films – a variation on the Hell we saw in Cindy Queen of Hell, the directorial debut of popular Brazzers performer, Xander Corvus.

Photo – Digital Playground (Lay Her Down)

The film is currently live on Digital Playground for horror flick fans and adult fans alike. Let us know which one of the scenes was your favorite!

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