That Mr. Clean Commercial From The Super Bowl May Have Been Inspired By A Brazzers Parody

It’s not far off.
Photo – Brazzers (Showin’ Skin to Mr. Sins)

Remember that hit commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, featuring a bald guy, earing, and all white get-up straight out of a Backstreet Boys video – dancing rather promiscuously like, well, an aged Backstreet Boy? Well, turns out, someone on the Mr. C marketing team may have had Brazzers on the brain during pitch meetings.

Photo – Brazzers (Showin’ Skin to Mr. Sins)

Since you all probably know the Mr. Clean commercial by now, take a look at the SFW Brazzers trailer for the parody scene entitled Showin’ Skin to Mr. Sins.

The Brazzers parody scene was originally released on January 28, 2011 – well before Super Bowl LI, of course.

The Brazzers parody scene features a romantic and obviously sexualized Mr. Sins (Johnny Sins) getting busy in the kitchen with actress Franceska Jaimes. The commercial features a magic juice – intended to resemble cleaning liquid – as it’s splashed on a counter top and sponged along the smooth surface and applied to dishes.

In case you haven’t seen the hit commercial for Mr. Clean, here it is:

Minus the few moments where Franceska is left to her own devices during the Brazzers clean up pre-romp session, Mr. Sins is very intimately involved and close with his female counterpart. Some of the shockingly similar elements between Mr. C and Mr. Sins’ performances include the touching of hands, making deep, intense eye contact, even flexing their muscular arms to an intense camera close up.

You be the judge, who did it best?

Written by Blake Fraser

Peanut butter aficionado, professional bad joke teller, and gamer to the end of my days.