How To Pick Up Chicks Using Pokemon Go

Hey, something had to replace Tinder.
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Pokemon Go, within two weeks of its release, has become a mobile and social phenomenon. According to TIME, it already has more engagement than Tinder, Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not familiar with Pokemon and all the hype engulfing your Facebook feed by now, Pokemon Go is a reboot of the classic game with a twist. It employs a location-based augmented reality that interacts with your environment to encourage players to explore their surroundings and meet other players. It’s a fun game and all (like stopping in traffic, running to catch a Vaporeon – see gif above – kind of fun), but it’s even more interesting when you realize that Pokemon Go can help you meet women. Yes, I said it, meet women. And you might ‘catch’ one with greater success than fishing through Tinder… Let me explain.

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Get Familiar with the Game

Pokemon Go uses your phone’s GPS system to design a location-based augmented reality where it’s your job to find, catch and train Pokemon ‘monsters’. The game sends you on an adventure, roaming around whatever neighborhood you happen to be in at the time, in search of Pokemon. The great part about it is that many other players in your neighborhood are out doing the exact same thing – this includes cute girls.

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There are actually a lot of female players!

Girls make up about 51% of the users playing according to Taykey research on the app since it’s U.S. release!

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The Built-In Ice Breaker

Pokemon Go is not only a built-in ice breaker, but you already have something in common with the cute chicks that you meet along the way. Grab your phone, log on to Pokemon Go and start exploring your environment. When you run into attractive girls who are also playing, start chatting with them and asking which Pokemon they’ve caught so far. Show them the Pokemon you’ve caught and let them know that you know where there are other Pokemon, so you can go together and catch them.

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Visit Pokestops

Pokestops are specially marked locations near you where players can pick up eggs, Poke Balls and catch more Pokemon. The locations are indicated on your map by a blue icon and are often historical monuments, art installations and parks. Players gather at Pokestops in droves making it a great place to meet and pick up girls. The game encourages players to meet and interact with each other, which makes it easy to talk to female players at Pokestops.

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Go to the ‘Gym’

While this isn’t a typical gym where you go to workout, the Pokemon Gym is a meeting place for Pokemon Go players to battle each other once they’ve caught and trained enough monsters. The “battle gyms” are marked on your map using large tower icons. These hubs are a gathering place for players to meet, chat and battle their Pokemon against other players. Just remember, if you’re battling against a cute girl, it might be best to let her win. Don’t get too competitive, the goal is to meet chicks, not scare them off!

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‘Lure’ Them In

Restaurants are using lures to bring in customers and you can use the same concept to bring girls right to you. When you’re one of the first few players to stumble upon a Pokestop, you can click on the confetti icon to place a lure at that Pokestop. This lure tells other players that there are goodies to catch at this Pokestop and it basically “lures” them in. As players descend upon the Pokestop, you can chat with cute girls who have come to “catch’em all”. Now please, it goes without saying, don’t try throwing things at girls to ‘catch’ them. Use CHARM pokeboy 😉 and maybe she’ll become ‘paralyzed’. Okay, Pokemon puns done.

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Have you met anyone interesting playing Pokemon Go so far? How so? Let me know!

Written by Nikki Benz

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