5 Titillating Books To Help You Bang

There are more than just the Kama Sutra.

When you first think books and sex, you probably think about Fifty Shades of Grey or Twilight fan fictions. But I’m not talking about cheesy, over-hyped erotic pop culture novels, I’m talking about literal sex guides like the world famous Kama Sutra. Books in the form of ‘sex guides’, as unsexy as they might first seem, have plenty to offer oversexed and undersexed people alike. Whether your bedroom antics have become dull or you’re just lacking experience in the art of lovemaking, I’ve put together a cornucopia of sexual knowledge that’s sure to help. While not all-encompassing, this list promises a broad range of ‘banging’ books, and they’re all must-haves for any aspiring Casanova’s library.

Photo – Painting from Kama Sutra/Homegrown.co.io

The Kama Sutra

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everybody here has heard of this third-century Hindu text penned by Vātsyāyana. While not strictly about sex, this guide on love, life and marriage explores sixty-four sensual acts with a chapter devoted entirely to sex positions, some of which are famously tortuous. Featuring titillating erotic illustrations, this text is absolutely essential for any collector’s library.

When a man wishes to enlarge his lingam, he should rub it with the bristles of certain insects that live in trees, and then, after rubbing it for ten nights with oils, he should again rub it with the bristles as before. By continuing to do this a swelling will be gradually produced in the lingam, and he should then lie on a cot, and cause his lingam to hang down through a hole in the cot (Chapter II).

– Vātsyāyana

Photo – Guide To Getting It On! by Paul Joannides

The Guide To Getting It On!

Some might dismiss this thousand-page tome for being too juvenile, what with the comic book art that decorates its pages, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Though it’s aimed at a younger audience, this sixth-edition text by Paul Joannides has advice for everyone, from a chapter on dropping your v-card to kinkier sections, like one on BDSM. With a playful tone, it’s both entertaining and accessible—an indispensable sex-ed guide with plenty more to offer.

Some are proud of their hickeys […] Other people feel mortified and even wear turtlenecks in the middle of summer to cover the things up. To prevent further hickey mortification, point to your crotch and tell your lover to suck there (27).

– Joannides

Photo – The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort/BBC

The Joy of Sex

The 1972 edition of The Joy of Sex is a household name these days, as far as sex manuals go—even if it is at times outdated. Authored by Alex Comfort and with over twelve million copies sold internationally, it pretty well stoked the fires of the sexual revolution that began in the sixties, bringing to the forefront sexual practices that weren’t spoken about outside the bedroom. Beyond its informative content, The Joy of Sex features some of the most explicit illustrations you’ll see in books of its kind. What makes them so unique is that the models are portrayed ‘au natural’, with bushes and armpit hair to spare. In 2009, a new edition of The Joy of Sex was released, for those who’d like an updated version.

Photo – She Comes First by Ian Kerner/Bustle

She Comes First

Intended for male readers, She Comes First aims to inspire men to put female pleasure first, emphasizing the importance of oral sex over penetration. Extensive and thorough, Ian Kerner’s manual offers a trove of tried-and-true techniques. While his oral-centered approach is definitely unique, he also takes a holistic approach to female pleasure that includes the body as well as the mind.

Never, under any circumstances, blow into a woman’s vagina as though trying to fill it with air. Doing so is seriously dangerous. Blowing into a woman’s vagina may cause an embolism and lead to death. Breathe on her; blow lightly on her; never blow into her.

– Kerner

Photo – Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha/The Cracked Spine

Sex At Dawn

More of a history of human sexuality, Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá’s book provides fascinating insights that challenge our own preconceptions about human sexuality. Central to their book is the argument that monogamy does not actually come naturally to human beings, but that it developed as we shifted toward living in agrarian societies. Though it’s not a guide on sex, Sex At Dawn offers plenty of new ideas for you to think about, and it’s sure to get you re framing some of your own assumptions about how to love. So if someone tries telling you being promiscuous is animalistic, Christopher Ryan has the perfect response:

The animal world is full of species that have sex only during widely spaced intervals when the female is ovulating. Only two species can do it week in and week out for nonreproductive reasons: one human, the other very humanlike. Sex for pleasure with various partners is therefore more “human” than animal.

– Ryan

Remember, book knowledge is only useful if you’re putting it into practice, so get out there and show off what you know! Especially if you’re feeling down after a breakup. Do you have any other books related to sex that we should know about?

Written by Hugh Jasse

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