The Brazzers Guide To Outdoor Sex

Learning to love our planet differently each Earth Day

Brazzers teamed up with Nikki Benz and TRENDZZ this Earth Day to bring you a comprehensive guide to outdoor sex. Remember to Love Nature Responsibly each and every Earth Day.

  1. Weather: Plan for the weather accordingly. The nicer the day, the more people, the uglier the day, the less people you can expect, and the more wild the experience might be!
  2. Blankets: Always bring a blanket, or two – unless you’re planning on standing up the whole time. In that case, you go soldier! But seriously, rocks, sticks, and spiky things hurt.
  3. Volume: Volume control – beware of your moaning levels. Especially if you’re in a public place. But hey, don’t deprive yourself, if you’re loud you might just want to be somewhere near a festival, construction or airspace.

  4. Be Practical: Dress practically – you’re not trying to impress anyone! Ladies, sweatpants might be easier to take off, but remember that skirts and dresses are easier to flip up and back down in case you need an emergency cover up. Guys, tight pants and belts are cumbersome. You’re probably best off in sweatpants or shorts – and if possible, both of you can go commando.
  5. Getaway plan: Have a getaway plan – make sure there’s a logical explanation for all of this. Like helping your girlfriend get a spider out of her dress or something… with your mouth… because you eat bugs? Yeah, come up with a better excuse than that.
  6. Dispose of condoms: Bring your condoms and dispose of them properly afterwards. Think about it, you wouldn’t want anyone stumbling upon your used condom.
  7. Hydration: Bring water to refresh your partner. It can get extra hot outside, and dehydration shouldn’t be one of your main concerns afterwards! Just try sneaking away from your secret spot.
  8. Hidden spot: Make sure it’s actually hidden spot. And no, I’m not talking about under the bleachers during a football game.
  9. DO NOT ATTRACT BUGS: You’ve taken the right precautions to avoid bugs outdoors, now don’t do something stupid and get your kink on by pouring honey on yourselves when banging near the flowers.
  10. Inspect your surroundings: Seriously, don’t start banging against a tree with a wasp nest, other condoms on the ground, or broken bottles. It’s not worth the risk!

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Written by TRENDZZ

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